6 awesome moments from the Overwatch World Cup so far



There have been tons of Overwatch to enjoy since the start of the Shanghai Group Stage, however, not everyone has the time to watch every match. Here are 6 of our favorite moments from the first world cup broadcasts!

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1. Shy's incredibly clutch sleep dart against a nano boosted, dragon bladed Genji.

China has plenty of reasons to celebrate this amazing moment from their match against Romania. To pull off such a clutch move in tournament play is incredibly impressive and this play single handily won the highlighted skirmish for China. In addition to the cool play, the resulting visual of Genji sleeping on top of the Hollywood bridge while surging with nano boosted power is priceless.

2. The long range, predictive pulse bomb from Klaus. 

When you're playing as Tracer, your goal is to thread the needle and find opportunities to deal damage to vulnerable enemies. The best Tracer place is predictive and always searching for kill potential. In this match between France and Argentina, Klaus pulls out an incredibly accurate stick onto the French Genji player, killing him and his allied Lucio in the process. With no support in his way, Klaus leads his team in the cleanup.

▲ Clean kills from Klaus on Tracer.

3. Thailand denying Denmark's Dragon Blade with Pulse Bomb

Denmark is in over time and their Genji player, Kragie, was looking to clean up with a Dragon Blade. After killing the enemy Lucio, Genji proceeds to slash on the payload trying to secure more kills. But NZNR on Tracer wasn't having it. A clever Pulse Bomb directly on the point acted as a death trap for Genji, taking full advantage of over time forcing Kragie's hand. Great heads up play from NZNR!

▲ When in doubt, throw a Pulse Bomb on the payload!

4. ONIGOD of Norway shows off his tracking skills against MIX.

It's not every day you see a Soldier:76 perfectly tracking an air born pilot D.Va after she initiates her self-destruct. But this moment from China vs. Hong Kong features just that. ONIGOD saw an opportunity for a big play and he took it, trusting in his tracking ability to outrace D.Va's detonation window. ONIGOD was just barely hit by the blast, resulting in his death, but he stilled traded 1:1 against with MIX. A noble attempt!

▲True bravery is targeting a pilot D.Va while staring directly into her soon-to-explode Mech.

5. Norway's IPN and his incredible reaction speed against Sombra's EMP.

This clip showcases some insane reactions from IPN but, more importantly, it shows how accurate game sense can lead to incredible plays. IPN was aware that Sombra was looking to land a big EMP and was likely invisible, fishing for an opportunity. Because of this, IPN began to rapid-fire spam Orb of Discord, knowing that the moment it hits something, it would mean Sombra had revealed herself in an attempt to land the EMP.

Because Transcendence has no cast-delay, he was able to beat Mangolongjai to the punch and completely negate the EMP's effectiveness against his team. This extremely smart move by IPN single handily won the engagement for his team.

▲ Note how Sombra is immediately hit by Orb of Discord. This informs IPN that the EMP is about to happen and he should use Transcendence ASAP.

6. Attack Bastion from Kragie against Thailand

It's no secret that Bastion is among the least picked Heroes in competitive Overwatch. He has had his OP phases, but those have long been relegated in the past. The dive meta has not been kind to Bastion, but Kragie still finds a way to make it work out. On point B of Horizon Lunar Colony, Denmark utilized a surprisingly effective Bastion pick that created a no-pass-zone on right entrance of the point.

Though, the perfectly timed wave the moment Bastion appeared on stream was probably the best part of this highlight.

▲ Beep, Boop, you can't walk here Thailand.


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