[Overwatch World Cup] Results of Group Stage Day 1: China and France Shows No Mercy


China and France show up with dominating performance

On July 14(KST), in Shanghai, China, the group stage games featuring 8 teams have officially begun. Between the teams in group A and B: China, Norway, and France have beaten Romania, Hong Kong, and Argentina.  For China and France, they completely dominated their opposing teams with a score of 4:0. On the other hand, Thailand and Denmark had a tie with a score of 2:2.

The 1st series of games featured team China and Romania. With amazing mechanical skills from ‘Eileen’, he showed why Genji is a strong hero in competitive play. China’s biggest impression was on the 4th set. With China’s Genji constantly refreshing his ‘Swift Strike’, they finished the game in 44 seconds.

On the 2nd series, Norway entered with brutal violence against Hong Kong. With Winston and D.Va consistently harassing the enemy, Tracer and 76 had an easy time dishing out DPS. However, Hong Kong didn’t just give up. Pulling out Sombra, HK was successful in taking a game off of Norway, ending the series 3:1.

For the 3rd series, France and Argentina had their clash. Argentina started off stable as they were successful in making AKM’s D.Va powerless with their composition. But as soon as AKM pulled out his main hero, Soldier 76, the tides completely shifted in favor of France. Team France kept the momentum going for the rest of the series, ending the game with a score of 4:0.

Thailand and Denmark had their fight on the last series of the day. Although Thailand had a shaky start, NZNR redeemed himself on Tracer by constantly picking up kills. And Mickie’s D.Va proved to be a massive annoyance for the opposing 76. In the end, Thailand lost the 1st and 2nd set to Denmark, only to make an epic comeback by securing the 3rd and 4th set for themselves.  

2017 ‘Overwatch World Cup’ Group Stage Day 1

Match 1   China 4:0 Romania
Match 2   Hongkong 1:3 Norway

Match 3   France 4:0 Argentina
Match 4   Denmark 2:2 Thailand


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