SSG Crown on Beating SKT: "It's rather simple. They played worse, and we played better."

On July 13, 'Samsung Galaxy' once again defeated 'SKT T1'. Using the exact same team comp for both games of the series, SSG showed why they made that choice with two convincing victories. Through this win, SSG climbed back up to the no.1 spot in the LCK leaderboards. The midlaner for the team, Crown, played Taliyah for both games. With not a single speck of bad on his performance, his contribution eventually led the team to victory. 

The following is an interview that took place after the game.

That win must've been very important for SSG 

We won with a score of 2:0 against them. Our individual performances were also clean. It was very satisfying.

Did Blank's huge win streak spark fear into anyone in the team?

Now that I think about it, no one even thought of it. We just kept our focus on our individual performances.

You guys had the Baron stolen during the 1st set. How did the team respond?

Although we had it stolen, we all assured each other that it was okay. We didn't panic because all we needed was a good teamfight.

On SSG's second attempt at Baron, you guys were once again put under. Can you explain what happened?

Although it was an overall loss for the team, we only had one member caught out - so it was okay. Because we maintained the Baron buff, it came back as an advantage later on.

What made you feel certain that you were going to win set 1?

When I killed both the ADC and support under the outer turret.

Reasons for picking Taliyah for both games?

I can't disclose too much information regarding it. I can only say that she is a great champion for this meta and that we practiced her a lot. 

Your team used the exact same team comp for both games. Were you guys predicting SKT's draft?

I thought they would at least ban one of our key champions. But they didn't. They allowed us to build the same team comp.

SSG has recently been showing great performance against SKT

I don't think there is a big reason for it. It's rather simple. They played worse, and we played better.

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