Knights Fall

Knights Fall Chapter 4 Video Guide



Note that the launch gauge in this guide may be different depending on the type of mobile device.

The objective is to destroy the Orc Tank.
Due to the movement of the tank, you need to adjust the gauge.
The tank also fires flame which kills soldiers instantly.
In front of Orc Tank, there are 2 bumpers which absorb some damages.
However, there are wooden barrels at the back of the tank.
When you destroy it, the tank will pause for a few seconds.
Use Charging Soldiers when the tank pauses!
You can deliver heavy damage in a short amount of time.
If you use Rage, you may receive ★3.
You can still destroy the tank even without the use of an item, but most soldiers need to hit in order for that to happen.
If a soldier bounces off and hits the tank multiple times, you may destroy it with a higher chance.

Summary of Chap 4

Aim for the back of the tank
Destroy barrels and then the tank will pause
Use charging soldiers and dish out as much damage as possible while the tank is paused
Charging soldiers with Rage would make it easy to destroy the tank and receive ★3
You can still destroy it without the use of items


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