KT Deft on Defeating OMG: "Ashe isn't necessarily countered by Xayah."

KT successfully stops the LPL win streak by defeating OMG

On July 9th, 'Red Rift' held its grand finals, featuring LCK and LPL teams clashing against one another for the pride of their region.Before the 3rd set of the day, LPL was leading the score 2:0 against LCK. But in the 3rd set, KT convincingly defeated OMG, successfully passing on the baton to MVP. As the players climbed down from the stage, the interviewer greeted Deft for an interview.

As LPL was leading the score 2:0 against LCK, there was massive pressure on the players of KT. Regarding this, Deft commented, "The two teams that I fully trusted in to win their games lost... So yes, I did feel pressure. But I am glad that we won." Deft further mentioned that the pressure actually affected his performance later on in the game, "I got very nervous as the game went on... Then, I started missing a lot of my ultimates."

As the interview continued, Deft was asked on why he picked Ashe despite the enemies' pick on Xayah. "To be honest, Ashe isn't necessarily countered by Xayah. She isn't a bad choice at all. And our team composition really needed Ashe, so we took her." 

If you are a fan of KT, you are probably aware of KT's aggressive early-game playstyle. But on their game against OMG, KT played rather conservatively. Regarding this, Deft explained, "OMG took champions that thrive on global ultimates. So we only initiated fights that we were 100% sure that we could win." 

As the interview neared its end, Deft was given an opportunity to say a word to MVP, the team that has the fate of LCK in their hands. "Currently LCK is losing, but I really hope MVP can perform - so that LCK can go back home with a reverse sweep."

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