'ahq' An: "I thought we were going to lose when we were defending the base 3:5."


ahq' successfully brings down 'EDG'

On the 3rd day of the 'Red Rift', LMS started its clash with LPL. On one of the matches, 'ahq' had its fight against 'EDG'. It's worth noting that EDG is one of the top 2 teams in China while ahq is the 4th in Taiwan. But despite the standings, ahq took down EDG with a miraculous comeback. As the 'Key Player' of the match, 'An' was greeted by the interviewer for a word.

▲ The casters and fans were astounded by An's damage dealt.


▲ The 'Key Player' of the match, An

As soon as the player took the mic, he mentioned his current feelings. "It was our first victory against EDG, it felt great." The player was also asked if his team felt the same way. "I don't really remember." It was as if the player was too happy to pay attention to his surroundings. 

If you follow the LMS scene, it is not news that 'ahq' had an unstable botlane. Regarding this, the player said, "I practiced a countless amount of times before the Rift Rivals." Then, the interviewer asked An if he is finally serious about winning the game. "I have always been serious," said An. 

Then, 'An' continued in sharing how the team played out the game to their favor. "All of us were constantly thinking of ideas to make a comeback. When 3 of us were defending the base, I honestly thought we were going to lose. But then, we made a miraculous comeback." An further mentioned that the players in ahq maintained a calm mind as they calculated ways to turn the tides.

An also mentioned that he was hiding in the bush to initiate a fight, as the game started leaning towards - 'whoever starts a fight first, wins the game'. Although an ADC is usually not the optimal role to initiate a fight head-on, it was the choice of An and his teammates. 

As for the final question, the interviewer asked 'An' if he has anything to say to the other LMS teams. "Endure till the very end. Let's make a big comeback."

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