Kkoma receives an unexpected proposal: "Kkoma, please marry me!"

Huni seemed to have got back to his form, rejuvenating through Faker's jokes.

On July 7th(KST), SKT once again shows the world why they are rated as the number one team. After defeating WE, the teams walked down the stage for an interview with the press. 

If you are a fan of SKT, you are most likely aware of Kkoma's wanting for a wife. On a question that asked for his opinion on Taiwanese women by a female reporter, who then subsequently asked Kkoma to marry her; Kkoma responded: "I was really amazed at how beautiful Taiwanese women are." However, the latter part of the question was left unanswered as the part about marriage was not interpreted.

If you have been watching Faker's streams, it is not news that Faker likes to make "witty" jokes. And as the interview moved on to the players, Huni was asked for his opinions on Faker's lame jokes. "It was very difficult enduring his jokes. But now, I am used to it. And sometimes, he actually says some funny things - which really surprises me." 

On the backstages of the 'Red Rift', Bang and Huni made a "friendly bet" with team MVP. On a little game involving two players from each team, they had to push themselves on a chair and see who makes it the farthest. Sadly for Huni and Bang, they lost the bet, and their punishment was to eat an infamous 'Stinky Tofu', a Chinese dish known for its strong odor. On account of this, Bang said, "I am not being cheap... Because we didn't fully agree on the punishment, we are not going to eat it. Even the players of MVP agreed to it." Huni further added, "We are innocent and pure. I didn't even realize we were making such a bet..." 

Then, Faker was asked for his opinions on which is scarier, Huni's underwear commercial or Wolf's pictures of eating. "Despite my expectations, Wolf didn't really eat as much as I thought. As for Huni, I was very shocked at first; but it's so long ago that I'm okay now."

Faker's reaction to Huni's underwear commercial

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