'ahq' on Defeating LCK Teams: "We have to slow down and play at a steady pace."

LMS team,'ahq
', takes down 'KT Rolsters'.

On the 2nd day of the 'Red Rift', 'ahq' clashes against KT, on top the stage of Taiwan. KT is the 2nd best in the LCK, and as Korea is perceived as the strongest region, everyone expected KT to take the win. But despite the expectations, ahq causes an upset, convincingly taking down KT. As the players climbed down from the stage, the team was greeted by the press for an interview.

(To An) What was the reason for picking Jynx?

I chose her as that was what the coach wanted. When I got a kill in the toplane with my ult, I was actually saving it for about 30 seconds. Then I timed it correctly to land it for the kill.

(To Ziv) All the LMS toplaners today are performing really well. As an LMS toplaner yourself, can you tell us your secrets in playing so well?

Since couple days back, all the LMS players got together and held debates in sharing strategies as we scrimmed. I think it's being very effective.

(To Westdoor) You received MVP of the match, despite your low damage share. 

I was very surprised I received it as well. I think I received it for the ultimate I landed near the red buff. I think our support, Albis, should receive the MVP title in place of me. 

Your jungler was struggling throughout the game. What're your thoughts on that?

We left Elise open in the beginning, and we fully expected them to take it. We were also thinking of picks to counter the Elise. And we didn't necessarily worry for our jungler because of our experience on the international stage.  

You guys are performing really well against Korean teams compared to the other region. Is it the difference in mentality?

When we are facing off against Korean teams, we feel less burden because we are simply in the position of a challenger. I am also thankful for the Korean fans that were rooting for us. I will increase my Solo Queue ELO on the KR server and meet them in the Rift.

(To Albis) The LMS teams seem to favor Thresh over the other supports. Why is that the case?

Thresh is just a well-rounded champion. That is why we picked him this time.

How do you defeat an LCK team?

LMS teams are actually very good in the early-game, but we tend to struggle in closing out games. Against LCK teams who are all steady in making calls and slow in advancing to the late-game, we also have to slow down and play at a steady pace. 

(To Coach GreeTea) Why did you bring out Westdoor(sub) over Chawy?

I originally planned to use both midlaners for each game we were going to play. But because KT's mid and toplaner are very keen in 'in-game knowledge', we sent in the more experienced player, Westdoor.

The tournament gets a lot more competitive starting tomorrow. How do you feel?

I don't know which team we will be facing tomorrow, but I think it will be a good opportunity for us. We will test our level of communication and reflexes.

(To All) You guys lost to 'RNG', but beat KT. How do you guys feel about losing to RNG?

Albis: Although we had the upper hand in the game against RNG, we had communication problems in the late-game, costing us the match. But it didn't bring us down because it could've been anyone's game.

An: Because we lost due to our communication issues yesterday against RNG, we practiced exactly that through scrims.

Mountain: I didn't necessarily feel bad for losing to RNG.

Ziv: We didn't lose against RNG because we were subpar in skills. We lost because of our communication errors.

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