FW SwordArt: "What really matters for Thresh is the lantern, not the hook."


FW SwordArt shares tips on how to play Thresh better.

On July 7th (HKT), LMS's Flash Wolves ended their group stage matches as they defeated LPL's Team WE in the fifth match of the second day in the Rift Rivals Red Rift. The entire team was interviewed after the match to share how they managed to pull off a convincing win against Team WE.

MMD started the interview with explaining why he chose Fiora for this match. "I was disappointed that I couldn't play with more varied champions in MSI 2017. Since I wanted to play with a carry top laner, I chose [Fiora] after some practice with her."

SwordArt really showed an impressive performance with Thresh, and he shared a small tip on Thresh. "What really matters for Thresh is the lantern, not the hook. You have to say out loud who you are going to throw the lantern at, and you have to throw it near the target instead of on top to prevent it from being blocked by the enemies. That's the gist of it."

When Maple was asked about why he had to visit an ER last night, Maple answered that he had to get an IV due to abdominal pain, but assured that it is now at a bearable level.

For the last question, Karsa was asked a cheeky question about whether he was 'afraid' of losing after taking down three inhibitors. He answered how Kalista would have none of it. "In Worlds 2016, we've lost a game against C9 after taking down three inhibitors because our support went splitpushing. I told him not to go for splitpushing this time, but I wasn't worried that much since our Kalista could just summon him back whenever we want."

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