J Team on EDG: "We knew we would win from pick and bans, their composition was too late-game"

BeBe, a previous 'World Champion', wants to perform at his absolute best as this is his last season as a professional player.

July 7th(KST), Taiwan's 'J Team' goes against one of China's strongest team, 'EDward Gaming' on top the stage of 'Red Rift'. Despite the LPL casters' opinions on who the winner will be, JT caused an upset with a near-perfect game. As the team walked down from the stage, they were greeted by the press for an interview. 

(To Alex) You showed stellar performance on Leesin, despite the meta moving away from him. What is your reason for picking him? 

I picked him because I am confident in playing him.

(To All) What made you guys win? How were you guys playing?

BeBe: Everyone played their role appropriately. We also had great communication.

FoFo: We had great team communication and teamwork.

Alex: I think we won thanks to our toplaner. Morning usually plays bad, but today, he was good.

Morning: I fixed my issues by practicing and refining my weaknesses. I think that's how we were able to win.

Jay: We won because our jungler, midlaner, and toplaner are good at League of Legends. The enemies also made many missteps when their jungler was far away from them. 

(To Jay) How does it feel playing in front of hundreds of Taiwanese fans?

It really excites me. Because so many fans are cheering for me, I try my best to play at my absolute best.

(To All) You guys took down EDG fairly easily. How?

BeBe: I honestly didn't expect us to win the game so easily. The game just started going our way as we played.

FoFo: We took many advantages through the midlane, and I think that is how we were able to win.

Alex: EDG is a strong team. I honestly didn't expect us to win.

Morning: I didn't expect the game to be played out so one-sided. But I knew that my team was going to win when I saw our team composition after the 'Ban/Pick Phase'.

Jay: They picked late-game champions that are good at split-pushing. Their late-game comp was the reason we were able to take many advantages early on.

(To FoFo) You played against Crown and Scout. How did it feel playing against them?

Crown is a very reliable and stable laner because he thinks everything thoroughly. Scout, on the other hand, is a very strong laner, but we were able to win thanks to my jungler constantly backing me up.

(To BeBe) BeBe said that this will be his last season. How do you feel playing one last time on the international stage? 

I want to perform at my absolute best during this event because I will not be able to attend it next year.

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