More robos and more hawk hunters! A fun pick guide on the Moro & Lilu combination!

Is there any composition that you particularly favor in MXM Titan Ruins? Some would probably prefer serious picks so that they can achieve victory, but there may be some who get more enjoyment from finding interesting or powerful Master compositions. Although these combos are often made for fun, you can still come out victorious with them.

For example, Bird of Prey is Lilu’s highly advanced kidnapping skill that lets you snatch a target into the air and slam it down to a target area. The skill is already good on its own, but what if there were several robos right where you dropped the target, waiting to finish off the victim? Here is a guide on the Moro & Lilu composition, so that you too may carry your enemies off to their robo-doom.


▲ You’d be surprise with what you can do with Moro’s Rocket Robo and Lilu’s Bird of Prey.




▶ 2 Moro & 1 Lilu composition - Using Deploy: Rocket Robo and Bird of Prey

Here are some tips on using the Moro’s Deploy: Rocket Robo and Lilu’s Bird of Prey strategy:

※ Requirements:

1. 2 Moros with Deploy: Rocket Robo ready to use
(As for the other skill, feel free to choose either Deploy: Medi-Robo to heal allies or Deploy: Graviton Robo to slow enemies)

2. 1 Lilu with Bird of Prey ready to use
(As for the other skill, feel free to choose either Birds of a Feather or Talon Swarm to enhance your firepower.


※ How to:

1. Two Moros will set as many robos as possible in one target area (If possible, inside a bush or out around the battling area).

2. After putting the robos together, one player tags to Lilu and looks for a target to kidnap.

3. The other Moro remains with the robos, fixing them (since the robos’ health slowly drains after being deployed, one Moro has to stay behind and try to heal the robos to keep them out as long as possible).

4. Lilu, meanwhile, kidnaps a target using her skill and drops it right into the robos.

5. Enjoy watching the kidnapped victim literally fall to the robos, and repeat steps 1~4.


This strategy aims to intensify the advantage the robos have, meaning you need to have as many robos as you can; you may have 1 Lilu, but you need to have at least 2 Moros- 2 Moros, double damage! Your enemies won’t be able to simply walk free of the damage your robos inflict in this area.

Also, since Moro’s robos are the core of this strategy, you need to do everything you can to deploy and keep these robos safe. That is why it is important to pick a safe place for your robos; picking a place too open will just get your robos destroyed, yet, setting your robos out in places that are too hidden could make it more difficult for Lilu to bring an enemy back to that area. You’ll need to very carefully consider where to set the robos.

Apart from that, it is important to deploy the robos close to each other so that your Moro can heal as many robos as possible. Once all the robos are deployed, your Moros will need to constantly use their weapon attacks to keep these robos working as long as possible. Even when Lilu is in middle of kidnapping a target, Moro should be healing the robos. It’s these robos that will be finishing off your enemies, after all. Well, enjoy this fun way of killing your enemies!


▲ There’s a limit to the robos’ range, but they still deliver high DPS to target within range.


▲ Bird of Prey is a long-ranged, highly efficient CC skill that is especially notorious in Titan Ruins.


▲ It will be more efficient to deploy your robos in the bush where your enemies tend to pass by often.

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