Interview with Royal Never Give up: "We'll be facing KT Rolsters with willingness to learn."


Royal Never Give Up will learn from KT Rolsters tomorrow rather than just trying to win.

On July 6th (HKT), Royal Never Give Up defeated ahq e-Sports Club in the the fifth match of the first day in 2017 Rift Rivals Red. Players and Coach Ting-Hsiang "FireFox" Huang have gathered for a press interview after the matches for comments on their first day of Rift Rivals.

Congratulations on making a dramatic comeback against ahq. How did you feel about the match?

FireFox: Our players have stayed focused, and I'm glad that they were able to calmly play through the match.

LetMe, What are your thoughts on ahq Ziv's Jax?

LetMe: I assume they had splitpushing on mind. Every team does splitpushing differently, but I don't think ahq did a good job on it.

Xiaohu, you've missed your chance to score a solo kill back in the match. How did you feel about it?

Xiaohu: It was very close. I think I could do better if I could go back in time.

FireFox, you'll be facing KT Rolsters tomorrow. What is your resolve going into the match?

FireFox: We have much to learn from LCK teams. We'll be facing tomorrow's match with willingness to learn.

FireFox, how can you deal with champions with strong laning with champions with weaker laning?

FireFox: Teams have different ways to deal with them, but I'm afraid I can't share ours.

mlxg, are you worried that KT Rolster's Mata knows a lot about RNG?

mlxg: Mata helped us out with vision control a lot back when he was with you. I think it will be difficult to hold out against him tomorrow.

FireFox, how should teams react against Jax picks?

FireFox: I'll let LetMe answer it.

LetMe: Jax usually appears as a counter pick. When Jax tries to splitpush, you should try to catch a champion

Which team do you think has the strongest players in the Rift Rivals Red?

LetMe: KT Rolsters has the strongest top laner, but all teams have the strong top laners.

Ming: I think all teams have strong botlane duos.

mlxg: SKT's both junglers and KT's jungler looks strong.

Y4: I think SSG and KT has strong ADCs.

Xiaohu: I'll say Samsung, SKT and KT have strong midlaners.

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