SSG CuVee: "We already have experience in playing against foreign teams. It gave us an upper hand"

SSG CuVee comments on how LPL and LMS teams feel different to teams in the LCK.

As 'Samsung Galaxy' played their 2nd match of their 1st day in the 'Red Rift', they banded together to fight for their nation's pride. Being held in Taiwan, SSG played against LPL's 'EDward Gaming'. The game was played by 2 of Asia's strongest teams, but in the end, SSG came out the victor. For leading the team to victory by utilizing Gnar's kit to its fullest potential, CuVee was stopped for an interview.

"EDG constantly tried to pick kills off of me. For them, the toplane was the easiest to gank. But through proper team communication, we were able to deal with it." It was noticeable for everyone who was watching in the fact that EDG constantly kept the pressure on toplane against CuVee. "Evelynn's existence in a game alone puts pressure on all the laners. And as I was facing these problems, Ambition gave me constant advice in dealing with the problem." As CuVee talked about the difficulties of playing against Evelynn, he talked highly of Ambition's knowledge. "Ambition has more experience than any of us here. So he advised everyone in handling certain situations correctly throughout the game."

As the interview continued, CuVee was asked for his opinions on LPL and LMS teams. "We already anticipated some of their plays. They felt familiar as we played against them. It's probably because we have more experience in playing against foreign teams, and that gave us an upper hand." CuVee further commented, "The teams we played against here were not decisive enough with their macro management. It was as if they had problems with their communication. LCK teams are much more decisive in playing out the game." 

CuVee, then, mentioned to the interviewer the problems SSG faced before their appearance today at the 'Rift Rivals'. "Our recent performances were subpar, Individual or teamwise. But through countless feedback, we have refined and are still refining, our plays. We will only play better from here and out." 

CuVee also shared his opinion on the open booths of the tournament here in Taiwan. "I actually really prefer the open booths over the closed ones. (LCK booths are closed) Last year, when our team played in the 'World Championship' tournament, we experienced the same kind of booth. It feels much more refreshing because we are exposed to the open air."  

As the interview neared its end, CuVee was granted an opportunity to say a word to the fans. "I really want to thank our fans for cheering for us all the way back from Korea. We are going to continue our streak and win every single game. We will let the others know that Korea is still strong."

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