BDO KR Patch Notes July 6th - Mini Game Area and Tower Defense Mode added


[Details on Savage Rift]


New Event: New Challenge! Come to Savage Rift!
 - From 7.6 to 7.27
 - Play Savage Rift to win different items and special titles.

New Event: Everyone come to the Thermian Water Park!
 - From 7.6 to 8.24
 - Play mini games in the Thermian Water Park and win different prizes.
 - An icon will appear on the world map showing that there is a festival going on in the Thermian Water Park.
 - All fishing rods will have different looks (themed after the Water Park) during the event.
 - A certain area in the Foot of the Thermian Mountain will be a Safe Area during the event.

New Event: Collect PC Cafe Coins!
 - From 7.7 to 7.20
 - Collect PC Cafe Coins in PC Cafes and exchange them to get Memory Fragments, Advice of Valk, and Pearl Shop Discount Coupons.


You can now run longer while in non-combat mode or in non-awakening combat mode.

Characters who are level 60 or below will gain more EXP.

New voice type has been added for all male characters.

PC Cafe Premium Character has been added.
 - The character can only be created in BDO Premium PC Cafes. You can create a maximum of 3  - Premium characters.
 - The premium characters will be level 60 and have 2,500 skill points.
 - The premium characters will be able to use Awakening skills after they use the skill book in their inventory.
 - The premium characters can purchase gear from NPC Haaz in the Open Arena. The gear cannot be enhanced, and regular characters will not be able to use the gear.
 - The premium characters cannot play in-game content other than the Open Arena, Red Battlefield, Arena of Arsha, and the Savage Rift. (No rewards are given to premium characters for playing the Savage Rift.)
 - The premium characters do not affect Family Reputation, and cannot receive rewards for daily achievements, spend Contribution Points on Nodes, receive Guild Funds, and receive or complete quests. They will be restricted from playing certain in-game content.


Fixed an issue where the motion for the downward slash in Grave Digging IV was different from that of Grave Digging III.

The description for Deep Thrust has been edited.
 - Recover HP per hit -> Recover HP per successful hit


Down Smash damage will be applied for Flow: Cry of Darkness with successful hits.

The Sorceress can now use Violation more smoothly after the 2nd and 3rd hit of Dead Hunt.

The Sorceress will be invincible while using Crow Food.

The graphics for Lemoria Armor have been improved.


The graphics for Lemoria Armor and Gloves have been improved.


Fixed an issue where the counter attack effect for Just Counter did not work.


Fixed an issue where Stigma did not recover WP when it was used after Sleep Step.


Fixed an issue where the dyes for some accessories were not properly displayed with Face Type #7 (Young Wizard)


The probability of durability loss when using Sura Katana skills has decreased.

[Dark Knight]

The graphics for the Marine Romance Costume and Epheria Marine Costume have been improved.

Fixed an issue where the Kriegsmesser moves while the Dark Knight is sailing on the Epheria Sailboat.


The Striker will now have stronger defense against magic attacks.

Fixed an issue where the graphics for the Hell Blossom Helmet looked unnatural under certain customization.


The following items are now able to be used to produce Alchemy Stone of Life
 - High Quality Fortune Teller Mushroom
 - High Quality Arrow Mushroom
 - High Quality Dwarf Mushroom
 - High Quality Cloud Mushroom
 - High Quality Sky Mushroom
 - High Quality Tiger Mushroom
 - High Quality Emperor Mushroom
 - High Quality Ghost Mushroom
 - High Quality Fog Mushroom
 - High Quality Hump Mushroom
 - High Quality Bluffer Mushroom
 - High Quality Ancient Mushroom
 - High Quality Amanita Mushroom

The following items are not able to be used in polishing Alchemy Stones.
 - (Sturdy) Moss Tree Plywood
 - Ring Tree Plywood
 - Green Ingot
 - Pure Green Crystal

The following items can be used by all characters, and the description for each item has been edited.
 - (Thick) Fruit Juice
 - (Fresh) Fruit and Vegetable Salad
 - (Special) Fruit Pudding
 - (Sweet) Fruit Pie
 - Tea with Fine (Strong) Scent

Fixed an issue where the cooldown for the EXP +5% Scroll was not applied.

Fixed an issue where you were able to choose Enhancement types for the following items.
 - Triple Trinket
 - Black Horn Bow
 - Strong Staff
 - Triple Kunai

Fixed an issue where you were not able to sell Grandor Fish to Trading NPCs.

New craftable costumes for the Striker have been added.
 - Calpheon Noble Costume
 - Valencia Travel Clothes

The level capacity for the Altinova Tavern Quest Scroll has changed to 53-56.

The general vendor at Kuit Islands will not sell [Quest Scroll] Clearing the Pirate Island.

You can now purchase a First Grade Wagon Horse from Gula at Stonetail Horse Ranch with 15 10G Gold Ingots.


The Savage Rift has been added.
 - The Savage Rift is a wave defense mode where you must defend a point from 25 waves of monsters for 30 minutes.
 - Anyone who is over level 56 will be able to enter the Savage Rift. Click the Savage Rift button on the main menu to start playing.
 - You can enter the Savage Rift in servers #2 and #3, except for Olvia, Patrigio, and Arsha.
Maximum of 10 players from each server can participate, and the game will automatically begin once 5 or more players join.
 - Additional players can join before Stage 4. Once past Stage 4, no additional players can join even if there are less than 10 players in the game.
 - The monsters become stronger as you defeat them. A boss monster will appear at a certain stage, and you can obtain rare items from the boss.
 - Purchase different items with the points you earn by clearing each stage to strengthen the defense.
 - The game is over when the Tower is destroyed or all players have died.
 - The players who die in the Rift can only be resurrected by other players. Use an Emergency Kit to resurrect others.

When you are buying an item that is not the lowest price in the Marketplace, the price limit on the items you can buy has increased.

You can now transport and receive items from the Storage at Old Wisdom Tree.

The minimum period of no activity necessary to transfer guild leadership has changed from 30 days to 15 days.
 - If the Guild Master hasn’t logged in for 15 or more days, the leadership can be transferred to the Vice Master.
 - Transfer of guild leadership will cost 20,000,000 silver. (guild fund)
 - The transfer cannot be reverted.

Fixed an issue where the 4th floor did not appear in placement mode.

Fixed an issue where some Furniture workshops and Wagon workshops did not appear in Valencia.

The tutorial quest that starts when a new players arrives in Heidel and the player has to find certain NPCs has been removed.


The AP and HP for Rock Gargoyles and Baby Rock Gargoyles have decreased, and the amount of EXP they give has also decreased.

The Mountain Goats located in Kisleev Crag have been removed.

World Bosses will now disappear when no one attacks them within 30 minutes of their appearance.

Forest Ronaros Lookouts will now return to their original spot when they are stuck in geographical features and cannot move.

[Quest and Knowledge]

The exact location for the “Golden Desert Coin” quest will appear on the map.

The rewards for the Altinova Tavern Quest Scroll and Kuit Islands Quest Scroll have changed to give more EXP and Black Stones.

Fixed an issue where one of the Young Priests for the “Proof of Patience” quest did not appear.

Fixed an issue where you could not complete the “A deal with the Falasi Family” quest.

[Backgrounds and NPCs]

Putting Wallpapers on the houses at Tarif will no longer make the window frames disappear.

Fixed an issue where the cat at Kasula Farm was inside a wooden plank.

Fixed an issue where you were not able to reach Annolisa Rosie with auto pathing.


Fixed an issue where the guild window was not properly displayed when you increase font size.

Fixed an issue where the UI overlapped in certain resolutions when purchasing Trade Items from Trading Merchants.

The description for Cron Stone Energy in the Enhancement window has been edited.
 - Accumulated Energy will be reset to 0 when Enhancement is successful -> Only 10% of accumulated Energy will remain when Enhancement is successful.

When you open the Marketplace window by talking to Marketplace directors, you can put your items on the Marketplace by clicking the “Register” button at the bottom right corner.

You can mouse-over to see how many Movement Points you can charge today in Black Spirit’s Adventure 2.

You can now use Sticker UI within the Crafting Notes window.

Fixed an issue where the windows for Dye, Customization, and Knowledge did not disappear when the character dies due to desert disease while the above windows were open.


The overall number of downloads for the character templates in the Beauty Album has changed to number of downloads in a year.

Customization modification record will no longer save the changes in default facial expression.

A window will pop up when you are purchasing an item from the Pearl Shop and you have a coupon you can use.

Fixed an issue where lowering the overall volume did not lower the volume for Black Spirit’s Adventure 2.

The system text that appears when you do not do anything in the Red Battlefield for a certain period time has been edited.


* Please note that the terms/names used in this article are not official and are subject to change when the associated update is released on the NA/EU server.  

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