Heroes of the Storm

CE breaks record for fastest HGC victory, defeats WKG in under 6 minutes.



▲Sylvanas and a 5-man lane push made it all possible.

Before this match, Fnatic held the record for the fastest victory in an HGC tournament game. During the Mid-Season Brawl, they defeated SPT in 6:01 on Infernal Shrines with Sylvanas leading the charge. Fnatic was already outclassing SPT, so the recording breaking defeat was just salt in the wounds.

This week during HGC China, it was CE's turn to put on their warp-speed goggles and defeat their opponents at the speed of light. Their opponents, WKG, were the underdogs and already 1 games behind their seasoned opponents. They had a strong draft going into Braxis Holdout, but CE decided to bring out the cheese with a 4th pick Sylvanas followed by a 5-man push to the top lane.

The strategy took advantage of WKG's inexperience and punished their failure to rotate quickly. What followed was a mind-boggling game with plays that will even make the most seasoned of HGC viewer double take. This includes a solo-pushing Johanna in the bottom lane when 5 enemy heroes are attacking a Keep with only 2 minutes and 45 seconds into the game.

After capturing a full Zerg wave and it pushing into a lane now entirely devoid of structures, there was no possible way for WKG to mount a comeback. The game ended at the 5 minute and 40-second mark. Although this is the fastest HGC victory, the fastest victory ever is held by Team Liquid at 5 minutes and 22 seconds. However, that tournament match was before the league was introduced.

▲The face you make after you win in under 6 minutes.

You can watch the recording breaking match yourself here.


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