StarCraft: Brood War

StarCraft: Remastered to have a physical deluxe edition and an early netcafe release in South Korea


If you can't wait till August 14th to play StarCraft: Remastered, consider visiting South Korea after July 30th for the early release in Korean internet cafes.

Blizzard Entertainment have announced that StarCraft: Remastered is now available to be pre-purchased worldwide for 14.99 USD until the release date of August 14th. For Korean players, the announcement didn't stop there as they'll be offered a physical boxed copy of SC:R - StarCraft: Remastered Complete Pack - along with exclusive early access in internet cafes two weeks before release.

Korean players will be able to purchase SC:R Complete Pack in a physical copy for 29,800 KRW (approx. 25 USD). Complete Pack will contain exclusive postcards, colored instruction manual, mousepad and digital codes for 3 Heroes of the Storm heroes, World of Warcraft Lil' XT pet and 7 Hearthstone Original card packs.

That won't be the only regional exclusive for Koreans, as Korean internet cafes will have early access to the remastered edition from July 30th (KST) along with premium benefits for cafes including localized leaderboard and faster level gain for cosmetics.

Meanwhile, all players who pre-purchased the Remastered edition until August 14th will have access to alternative base for each race - Char Hive, Korhal Command Center and Aiur Nexus - to be used in-game. Also, all players who purchase the Remastered edition will have access to Stukov for Co-ops and 3 exclusive portraits to be used in StarCraft II.


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