In-depth guide for Moro - summon robots and fight your way without extravagant auto attacks

Moro is an Ardent-type, mid-ranged Summoner in MXM. As his class name already implies, he summons different types of robos that have distinctive features and engages in the battle.

All his active skills summon robos, and not only do they attack enemies, they also give debuffs or recover teammates’ HP. The robos have a certain amount of HP that diminishes either over time or when they get attacked. In addition, they receive increased attack damage for every summoned robo in the field.

His weapon attack heals his summoned robos, either individually or in a group, or it recovers teammates’ stamina. The weapon attack can be charged, which increases the projectile speed, effect, and damage.

▲ Moro summons different types of robots and engages in battle


Recommended Master options

Recommended Augments

Moro’s weapon attack increases attack damage and projectile speed when charged. Therefore it is recommended to have Charge Time as it is beneficial for both attack and defense.

Recommended skills combination

This is a combination of aggressive gameplay. Rocket Robo combined with Moro’s weapon attack is used for offense while Medi-Robo is used to heal teammates and prevent enemies from marching forward.


This combination is to mainly support teammates. Medi-Robo is used to recover teammates’ HP, while Graviton Robo helps allies escape and prevents enemies from running away.


Moro’s setup consists of one attack, two defense, and three auxiliary nodes. As the Master uses mana to summon robos, Mana or MP Per Second nodes would be helpful in order to manage his resources.

Recommended Auxiliary skill

In order to take on the role of a support, Titan’s Gaze is used to keep vision around the map and understand the flow of battle. Recovery Pulse is not a bad choice as well if you tend to be more aggressive.

Traits priority

Although Moro can summon powerful robos, the Master himself is quite weak. It is therefore wise to have Health and Defense to increase his survivability as much as possible.

Summary of Moro’s skills

Deploy: Rocket Robo summons a robo that automatically attacks nearby enemies. This is the only attack skill out of Moro’s four summoning skills. The skill provides Moro with 100% increased projectile speed for 5 seconds.

Deploy: Carbo-gel Robo creates an aerosolized carbon gel in an area, and enemies within the area are unable to use weapon attacks. However, skills are still usable. When an enemy skill is used, Moro receives 5% additional weapon damage for 5 seconds.

Deploy: Graviton Robo summons a robo that slows enemies who pass through it. The area of effect is a straight line, unlike other robos. It is effective when teammates need to escape or when chasing down enemies. Moro receives a buff for 5 seconds that causes his attacks to slow enemies by 30% on hit.

Deploy: Medi-Robo constantly heals all allies in an area around it. Unlike other skills that provide buffs to Moro’s weapon attack, this skill instantly recovers Moro’s HP. It is quite effective for both the laning phase and teamfights, but the radius is quite small.

▲ The summoned Rocket Robo automatically attacks nearby enemies


Mecha-Moro, Moro’s ultimate skill, creates an exo-suit out of his robos. Moro then fires homing missiles every second in the direction he is facing and also emits a healing and graviton aura that interrupts enemy attacks.

His capability in terms of attacking enemies is almost nonexistent, but it is a different story when he uses Mecha-Moro, which is very formidable in the battle against a group of enemies. However, he becomes slow while using the skill and cannot evade enemy attacks; he is powerful when ulting, but not invincible, so be cautious.

Machine Head allows Moro to heal his robos by attacking them, and when Moro’s robos die, they drop a Robo Battery which restores MP. The survival skill called Panic! causes Moro to flee in panic for about 9 meters, but is not as effective as other survival skills.

▲ Mecha-Moro strengthens Moro for a short period of time


Using Moro - keep your robos alive as long as possible with his weapon attack

Moro’s only way of attacking enemies is through his ultimate skill and weapon attacks. His ult, in particular, cannot be used frequently, and the projectiles fired from his weapon attack are quite slow, making it difficult to use in the battle. Thus, Moro usually deploys robos and engage in fights.

The deployment of robos costs mana and summoned robos are unable to move from their spot. It is important to know that the robos’ HP diminishes over time. The Master can hit his robos and recover their HP, but the amount of healing rate is about the same as the rate of health loss for the robos, so it’s usually futile to try and keep a robo alive indefinitely.

You can heal more than two robos if they are within range of Moro’s weapon attack. You can use this feature and summon robos close to each other in order to receive the maximum effect.

▲ You can heal more than two robos with Moro’s splash weapon attack


It is common for Moro to fight in the lanes because of his passive playstyle. The usual method is to summon robos, kill enemy units, and prevent enemy Masters from marching forward. With an ally or two present, the enemy will find it difficult to push the lane.

You need to be careful and not let enemies obtain the Robo Battery dropped from dead robos. If there are teammates who use mana as their resource, you can also support them by giving away Robo Batteries.

Moro’s ult may grant tremendous power, but the slowed movement speed is quite detrimental, as it makes chasing enemies almost impossible. It is therefore recommended to be used during massive teamfights or when the team is attacking Guardian Towers or Titans.

▲ A Robo Battery, dropped from dead robos, restores mana

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