[Video Interview] SKT Faker "I want to be remembered as a legend just like Ronaldo."


We've caught up with SK Telecom T1's Sanghyuk "Faker" Lee after the match against KT Rolsters on the 21st day of 2017 LCK Summer Split. We've asked him about the match, his haircut, 'I got him', 50 white t-shirts, and many more.

Check it out below!

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Congratulations on defeating KT once more! How do you feel right now?

Today was an important match. I’m happier since we barely managed to win the match.

Did you expect to win Game 2 with such dramatic comeback?

I thought we had a better composition in Game 2. We only had a slow start because our composition was more late-game oriented.

Corki was picked in all three games in the match between SKT and KT, and you've picked him yourself in Game 3. Do you think Corki is a good midlaner's pick in the current metagame?

Corki is a situational pick. We chose mid Corki in Game 3 because we needed to have Corki in our composition.

Did you get a haircut in the same barbershop as Coach kkOma? (Laughs)

I'm pretty sure we went to different barbershops. Uh...I have nothing else to say.

OGN recently revealed a teaser trailer for ‘The Phenom’ that features you and Ronaldo. It must have been an honor.

Meeting Ronaldo in person was a memorable experience for me. I want to be an athlete who can be remembered as a legend just like Ronaldo.

CuVee’s stream showed you taking an interesting path to level 1 invade and getting hit by the turret several times. How did that happen?

We could have got a kill if Lulu (AFS KurO) followed me instead. It’s Lulu’s fault.

▲ FAKER NO (Source: SSG CuVee’s stream)

‘I got him’ became a global meme. How do you feel about it?

I think it's hilarious. (Laughs)

I heard that you were given 50 white t-shirts from fans because you only wear white t-shirts. Do you wear them everyday?

Fans gave me a batch of white t-shirts that has days of week written on them. I wear them regularly, and am, in fact, wearing the 'Tuesday' shirt today.

We often see you taking photos of other players on SKT YouTube channel. Do you have any plans to be more active on social media?

I have no plans to be active on social media. I might do it when I get bored sometimes.

You’ll be facing Flash Wolves as the first opponent in Rift Rivals. Are you up for it?

I can't be sure whether we’ll win or lose, but I think we are more likely to win. We want to take it easy, but since it’s an international tournament, we’ll do our best.

Thank you. Any last comments?

I hope you enjoyed today's match. Thank you.

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