An in-depth guide to V-Merang - Dominate the lane with a long range!

V-Merang, the huntress, is an Ardent-attuned, Mid-ranged Marksman who uses the Glaive Launcher as her weapon in MXM.

V-Merang is specialized in attacking several enemies at once, and has several skills with debuffs such as airborne. Most of her skills are long range so she is perfect for poking.

However, her skills have unique AoE or small perks that make controlling V-Merang considerably difficult at times, and you’ll need a lot of practice to really draw efficiency out of playing her. As for using her ult, V-Merang can attack a target within 200m by leaping over obstacles.


▲ She is specialized in attacking several enemies with the Ringblade.



▣ Just need 30 seconds before the battle starts! Recommended Master options

◆ Recommended Augments

V-Merang has a passive skill that fires a charged shot, binding enemy struck for 1 second. If you choose Range as your weapon augment, you’ll be able to land the bind more often.

◆ Recommended Skill Combinations

This skill combo is helpful when you’re battling alone in the lane. Poke at your enemies and kill units with Arcblade and Scatterblade, powerful skills with fair damage.


This skill combo is good for supporting your allies. You can help your friends by making your enemies airborne or reflecting enemy projectiles.

◆ Node Compatibility

I recommend using 2 Offensive, 1 Defensive, 3 Auxiliary Nodes. Movespeed and Weapon Damage are great for supporting with V-Merang.

◆ Recommended Spell

Usual gameplay of V-Merang consists of farming units or supporting allies in teamfights. Using Teleport will let you move around to support your allies at the right moment and right place.

◆ Traits Priority

Since V-Merang has good attack damage and skills, it’d be better to enhance your attacking ability with Weapon Damage and Skill Power.



▣ Unique AoE and long range! V-Merang’s Skill Set

Arcblade is a skill that fires a Ringblade in a circular trajectory. The Ringblade bends back to V-Merang, even if she moves after using this skill. You may hit several targets with this skill, although you may need a lot of practice as it has a unique AoE.

Backspin Blade is a skill that fires a Ringblade to a certain area and makes the struck target airborne. This skill is great for preventing your enemy from moving for a certain period of time but it is very short-ranged. That is why this skill is generally used when your enemy is bound.

Scatterblade is a skill that fires a Ringblade at the target near the hitbox following your cursor. It hits your target automatically even if that target moves, and once struck, the Ringblade bounces off, striking another target near. This skill is easy to use and deals fairly good damage.

Ringblade Barrier is a skill that throws a spinning Ringblade to a fixed area for a certain period of time. The Ringblade inflicts damage to the targets it hits while also reflecting enemy projectiles. It cannot reflect any attacks other than projectiles, however, it will let you take the lead in attacking for that period of time.


▲ Arcblade has a unique AoE and a long range.


V-Merang’s ult, Blade Storm, creates a huge tornado in a line and inflicts damage to the targets in the path. The speed of the tornado is quite fast and travels for 200m. The targets struck by the tornado are launched into the air, and the damage the tornado deals is decreased by 40% until it is 8m away from V-Merang. It has a wide AoE, long range, and fast projectile speed, making it a very convenient skill to use. You may be able to attack an enemy placed very far away from you with careful calculation and some luck.

Her passive skill is Sametan Warrior, which lets her store 2 Ringblades, and 1 Ringblade is consumed for every skill she uses. With the Hindering Blade effect, you can deal bonus damage with your weapon attack every 8 seconds, binding the target for 1 second. Her survival skill, Acrobatics, lets her move 8m towards the direction of your cursor, making her immune to enemy CC attacks.


▲ V-Merang’s ult can launch all enemies in the path into the air.



▣ Protect your units and support your allies! How to effectively play V-Merang

V-Merang is a Master excellent at solo farming. That’s why she farms units while poking at the enemies in the lane. She can always evade any sudden enemy attacks with her Backspin Blade or Acrobatics.

Yet the true value of V-Merang shines when fighting alongside with her allies. Her attack damage on several targets may be high, but her ability to deal damage on a single target is fairly poor. Ringblade Barrier especially plays a big role in team fights, so whenever you have the chance, use Teleport to move to your allies when they’re fighting in the lane.

You’ll be using Arcblade and Scatterblade mostly when poking or engaging in skirmishes. These skills have AoEs that are hard for your enemies to predict, and have a long range, so you can still deal damage from far away when low on health. Ringblade Barrier can be used in any situation to farm units and poke at enemy Masters.

You could say that your ult is the most important skill in team fights. You must knock several targets into the air with your ult, and launch a target that needs focused damage once more with Backspin Blade. Since Backspin Blade is hard to be used by itself, use it either after your ult or after an ally’s CC lands on a target.


▲ Use Backspin Blade when your enemy cannot evade it.

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