An in-depth guide to Eirna - Freeze your enemies with burst damage! A Nuker with CC


Eirna, the Frigid Crown, is a Kinetic-attuned Nuker who can deal burst damage and slow enemies in MXM. She is a Master perfect for making plays as well as inflicting damage.

Eirna is brilliant in restraining her opponent’s moves. Most of her skills have slowing effects that you can use to chase your enemies or run away from them. Apart from slow, you can also confine your enemies using Eirna’s passive skill; building 3 stacks on an enemy will cause them to freeze.

While Eirna can have a large influence in teamfights with her wide AoEs and CC abilities, she is very vulnerable and squishy when left unguarded. Her survival skill doesn’t allow her to instantly distance herself from her enemies, but instead just enhances her movement speed, making it difficult for her to escape danger. Some of Eirna’s skills do not have a wide AoE, forcing her to be close to her enemies; you must be able to position yourself at the right place and the right time when attacking the enemy’s front line.


▲ Eirna is a Nuker with skills that restrain the enemy’s moves.



▣ Just need 30 seconds before the battle starts! Recommended Master options

◆ Recommended Augments

I recommend upgrading Weapon Damage as you’ll be using her basic attacks often due to her skill cooldowns and lack of MP. This will help you enhance your attack damage.

◆ Recommended Skill Combinations

Hit your enemy with Permafrost Petals, then use Frost Spire to teleport yourself among the enemies for additional damage. Even if you don’t use it offensively, I recommend using Frost Spire as a means of survival, as it slows all enemies within range.

This skill combo uses Silver Shard to increase the chance of freezing your target with Eirna’s passive skill. This is a click-to-hit skill so you can easily freeze your enemy, increasing your ult damage.

◆ Node Compatibility

I recommend using Nodes related to skills for Eirna. Nodes with increases in Skill Power are used the most, though Cooldown Reduction may also be a great choice. You can also go for Movespeed for more stability in your movement.

◆ Recommended Spell

Use Teleport to quickly join up with your allies in team battles, or surprise your enemies by initiating a fight from where they least expect.

◆ Traits Priority

I recommend investing your Trait points in Skill Power and Health first. Eirna may be a Master that attacks enemies a distance away, but she can also play aggressive by diving into the enemies, so it is a good idea to increase her HP for survivability.



▣ Movement restraint and burst damage! Eirna’s Skill Set

Eirna has Frostbite as her passive skill. Striking a target with both Eirna’s basic attacks and skills will build ‘chilling’ up on your enemy, and 3 stacks of chilling will freeze that target. If Eirna successfully freezes a target, she’ll gain 150 MP. Since you can restrain and regenerate MP, it is important to use your passive skill well. When attacking your enemy, always keep track of your chilling stacks and aim to freeze your target.

Eirna’s passive skill, Frostbite, also has a great influence on her ult, Rime Pulse. It is a skill that causes an ice explosion around Eirna, inflicting damage to those within range. The default damage of this ult is 575, and the damage increases by 60 per stack of chilling on your targets. Always make sure to freeze your target then use your ult to deal as much damage as you can.


▲ You can restrain your target and regenerate your MP by using Eirna’s passive skill.


Eirna’s first active skill is Permafrost Petals. Eirna casts a mass of ice petals in a wide line in front of her, inflicting damage and slowing enemies struck by 10% for 1 second. This is Eirna’s main skill as it is a great skill for hitting many targets all at once. Pressing the key once more when the ice is flying will detonate it.

Arctic Storm is a skill that casts an ice storm around Eirna or any designated ally for 4 seconds, slowing any enemy inside it and inflicting periodic damage. Enemies inside the storm are slowed by 20% and are frozen. The skill cast persists through tagging so it can be used well in battles. If Eirna is within close distance to opponents, then use Arctic Storm on Eirna herself for survival. If any of your allies decide to dive deep inside the enemy lines, then cast your skill on that ally to freeze as many enemies as possible.

Frost Spire is a skill that can be used as a part of a skill combo and transportation. She creates a frost spire in a designated area for 10 seconds, and you can transport to the location of the spire by pressing the key one more time. Also, enemies nearby the frost spire will be slowed by 40% for 1 second. You can use this skill to go after escaping enemies or distancing yourself from them. Also, you can use Frost Spire to go near your opponent and then use your ult or active skills to follow up in a skill combo.


▲ Permafrost Petals is Eirna’s main skill.


Shivershard is a skill that can freeze the target within 8m range with an iceshard that causes 500 damage. It’s a hit-on-target skill that can be used on a single target to freeze it. Freeze your target with Shivershard and then use Frost Spire and Permafrost Petals for burst damage.

Eirna’s survival skill is Cold Feet. Activating this skill will increase Eirna’s movement speed for 3 seconds, leaving traces of ice behind her. Any enemies stepping in this ice trail will be slowed for 1 second and frozen as well. This may be useful for counter attacking enemies that chase after Eirna. However, it may be difficult to evade if an enemy rushes toward Eirna using skills, so always keep your distance when playing Eirna.



▣ The importance of poking and careful use of skills! How to effectively play Eirna

Eirna is a Master that rages in the battle field with her slows and burst damage. It may vary a little depending on the skills you choose, but building stacks via basic attacks and skills, freezing enemies, and pouring active skills on them is the most common way of playing Eirna. This is because Eirna’s main skill, Permafrost Petals, is easier to hit if you manage to restrict your enemy from moving.

It is important to use the right skill at the right time. You will regenerate MP if you manage to freeze a target through your passive skill, but using skills drains MP. Also, Eirna has long cooldowns for her skills so if you overuse her skills, you’ll find yourself only attacking with basic attacks in some situations.

Always keep an eye on your opponents in team fights. You can deal burst damage by using Rime Pulse on all enemies nearby. Watch how the game goes and if you see enemies packed close, use Frost Spire to approach them and then use ult to blast your enemies with a wide AoE.


▲ You can blast enemies who are within range of your ult.


Although any experienced enemy will prevent this from happening by positioning themselves well, if you think it is hard to hit several targets while engaged, then use it to cut off the main damage dealers.

Eirna is not a Master that is specialized in close-quarters combat. You will be able to threaten your enemies by positioning yourself in the back and harassing continually with Eirna’s basic attacks and skills. Of course, it won’t be easy to evade Melee Masters or tanky Masters coming after you, as Frost Spire is the only skill Eirna has that can instantly put distance between her and her enemies.

So if you didn’t choose Frost Spire or it is still on cooldown, always watch out for enemies near you. Always check out the minimap for the location and number of opponent Masters on the battlefield, and if you cannot see certain Masters on the map, then move yourself to a safe distance.


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