Longzhu BDD on GorillA: "We call him the 'Longzhu Mother'."


Mother GorillA really takes care of the children in his pack.

On June 26th, Longzhu Gaming defeated Afreeca Freecs 2-1 on 20th day of 2017 LCK Summer Split for their 6th win of the season. ‎Boseong "BDD" Gwak was interviewed on air by SpoTV as the MVP of Game 1 (and later Game 3) after the match.

Longzhu Gaming also had some unexpected picks such as Alistar and Mordekaiser, and it was done as a pre-planned strategy. "They seemed okay in terms of composition, so the coaching staffs agreed to it as well."

Although BDD was named the MVP twice in today's match, he was disappointed at his own performance, and showed appreciation to GorillA for encouraging him - and his teammates - to hold together.

Not only that, BDD was showering GorillA with praises throughout the interview. "Although I want to say that everyone did well, GorillA did the best today with all the successful grabs and everything."

We'd only have to imagine why when the interviewer gave BDD a chance to say something to GorillA: "I'm sorry for tilting today!"

In the end, he finished talking about GorillA after revealing a nickname that the players use. "We call him the 'Longzhu Mother' - because he really takes care of us like a mother."

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