KT Deft: "We Will Have Our Revenge Against SKT"

Deft shares his team's weakness and his plans on taking down SKT.

KT and SKT have a long history between them. They stand as rivals with each side constantly trying to better each other. During 'LCK Spring Split 2017', KT stood toe-to-toe against SKT, but always fell short and lost. Lots of KT fans worried that their morale was struck to the ground, but that was proven false as we met Deft for an interview.

The series between KT and BBQ that took place on top the stage of OGN came to an end. KT took down their opposers with a score of 2:0, showing the fans that they are nothing less than a strong team. Although it was already late into the night, Deft approached our team for an interview to share his thoughts on their previous game, and their preparation for the game against SKT. 

KT this split had a shaky start; often making mistakes during the early-game. Fans noticed and were distraught by this fact. On a question asked about KT's recent performance, Deft responded with, "It feels good to make a comeback. However, it's always best to start off a game without giving the enemy any advantages. We still have much to improve" He also mentioned that the team needs further feedback from the coaching staff as the team is currently struggling with the said problems. 

We then proceeded to ask Deft on his preparation for the match against SKT. "During the spring split, we lost one too many against SKT. However, we refined many of our past weaknesses this split. The game will definitely be interesting and fun. We will make sure to prepare and have our revenge against SKT." Deft was determined to give SKT a fight of their life.

As the night grew, we gave Deft an opportunity to say a final word to the fans. "I was very inconsistent during the entire split in spring. I am currently doing my best to never make future errors like that. So please, always cheer for me and my team."

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