KT Smeb: "My Shen Is the 2nd Best in the World."

Smeb acknowledges CloudTemplar's ability in playing Shen.

On June 24th(KST), KT and BBQ take their fight on the 2nd series of the day. Although KT had a shaky start this split, they seemed to have regained their form. They took their 7th consecutive win with a score of 2:0, with their victim being BBQ. All the players of KT have shown great performance, but the ones who made the biggest impact were called for the interview. MVP of game 1, Smeb, and MVP of game 2, Mata.

As soon as the interview started, Smeb let out a sigh of relief. He was exhausted from the last set as the game was going in favor of BBQ, only until KT made a big comeback. Some may argue that BBQ had a more favorable matchup in the 2nd game, as they took strong picks such as Elise and Galio. However, Mata bluntly said, "During the 'Ban/Pick phase', we didn't concern over the enemies' picks, because I knew we could've taken care of whatever they throw at us. So we didn't care too much." 

As the interview continued, the MVP of the first game, Smeb, was congratulated for the title. The casters were also very familiar with Smeb as he is a very frequent visitor to the MVP interview stage, not to mention he is currently number 1 in the MVP rankings. Smeb then jokingly commented on his failure in making it to the top 5 in the MVP standings during the spring. "Last split, I yielded the MVP points to the little bros in LCK." During the first set, Smeb's Shen had a 100% kill participation, proving how much of an impact he had on the game. "I am the second best Shen in the world as I watch and learn from CloudTemplar's streams." As the "humble" player made a comment regarding his skill with Shen, CloudTemplar seemed quite surprised.

Throughout the whole series, KT rather chose defensive champions for their team composition. However, despite their said picks, KT played very aggressively by constantly grouping and forcing out fights. "Our team prefers to play aggressively. Even though Orianna and Caitlyn scale very well into the late-game, we don't like turtling, and we don't like dragging on games." Then, Mata's Thresh highlight clips were shown to the audience. As the audience applauded, Mata mentioned that he always asks his teammates if he should all-in or not. If they respond to the question in a positive manner, that is when he gets the sign. 

As the Interview neared its end, the both of them were asked on what kind of preparation will be taken for their game against SKT next week. "We had a rough start this split. However, now, we feel like we are in the same form as the last split. This time, we will prepare much more and win, especially considering we lost 3 times to SKT during the spring." The both of them continued in thanking their fans for always cheering for them, and that concluded the interview.

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