KT Smeb: "I think SKT Renekton skin is the best looking Renekton skin."

KT Smeb wanted to get MaRin's mojo by playing with SKT Renekton skin.

On June 22nd (KST), KT Rolster defeated Ever8 Winners 2-0 in the 18th day of 2017 LCK Summer Split. Though KT fell behind in the early phase of Game 1, KT Rolster managed to turn the game around from the mid-game and took the first game from Ever8, and the second game went cleanly in KT's favor. Kyungho "Smeb" Song, playing as Rumble in Game 1 and Renekton in Game 2, was interviewed by OGN as he was chosen as the MVP for both games.

As for his Rumble pick in Game 1, Smeb revealed how it was also a nod to Helper's expertise with Rumble. "Rumble is a good champion, and we decided to take it first because Helper is known to be a good Rumble player. The Equalizer shouldn't be used just for initiating a teamfight, but instead used after considering the team's situation to make the best use of it."

While Renekton is usually thought to be weaker in the later phase of the game, itemization helped him stay relevant in Game 2. "People often assume that Renekton falls off in the mid- to-late game, but building into Titanic Hydra and The Black Cleaver helps bruiser champions from falling off in the late game."

Smeb is known for picking the SKT skin very often when playing with Renekton, and the reason for it was to pay respect to MaRin's Renekton - and for how good looking it is. "In my opinion, SKT Renekton skin is the best looking Renekton skin, and MaRin is a very good Renekton player - I thought I'd get some of his mojo by playing with his skin."

When asked about Comeback's Lee Sin pick in Game 2, Smeb was confident that they'd do well against him. "Comeback's Lee Sin pick was something that we talked about. While we didn't expect him to actually pick Lee Sin, we didn't think that we'd lose because of it."

Finally, the interview ended with a lighthearted question about KurO's 1000th kill video, where KurO jokingly talked about how his now famous mid Sion pick was prompted by how Smeb was not the best at Sion. Smeb responded by saying: "I thought KurO would be better off tanking damage for the team with a tanky champion rather than playing a DPS champion, so I've asked him to play Sion."

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