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Trip to Riot HQ with Bilgewater Brew and authentic PC bangs


Although we've been to LCS Studio for many, many times, we actually never got a chance to visit the Riot HQ. So, for our latest trip to Los Angeles, not only we've meet team owners and players, but we finally got a chance to visit the Riot HQ for the first time. While there were many hoops to go through, we were very thrilled when we finally received the confirmation email.


Alright! That's another one off my bucket list. Now I just have to take photos and...

▲ wat



▲We didn't expect the traffic to be this...aggressive.

▲ I'm pretty sure that's where we are supposed to go


▲ We made it!


▲rito pls


▲Let's head in, shall we?


▲Super Ani's Junggi Kim drew this mural for Riot Games.


▲Reception hall


▲Various artworks and videos are displayed on screen.


▲and that includes drawings of Worlds winning teams too.


▲ :(


▲ Man, they really take me back...


▲They had this comic book of Rioters who did something great for the company.


▲ Reporter Lasso really wanted that book.


▲ These Braum doesn't look very friendly


▲ Industrial Sona, anyone?


▲ After catching up with the Rioter who gave us the tour, we finally got past the reception.


▲ Hello again!


▲ They actually framed the RP 'Arts' here.


▲ much wow very detail


▲ That Blitzcrank is the favorite of the Rioter who showed us around.


▲ And now we head into the areas where photos are not allowed.


▲ "There were rooms full of people wearing Teemo hats..."


▲ This is how the photo of Bilgewater Brew would have looked like.


▲ This is how the photo of a cup of coffee from Bilgewater Brew would have looked like.


▲ And this is how the photo of the lounge next to Bilgewater Brew would have looked like.


▲ If you ever visit Korea and want to go to a PC Bang, just look for window decors like that on the street.


▲ Riot's attention to detail is shown even in their rendition of Korean PC Bangs.


▲ In fact, the computers are probably better than most actual PC Bangs.


▲ There are rooms for some serious inhouse competitions...


▲ ...with two divided sides.
▲Hall of fame




▲ Surprisingly enough, LoL wasn't the only game installed on the computers.


▲ Actual PC Bangs have a clerk who even boils the cup noodles for you.


▲ At least their choice of noodles was on point.


▲ This is how the photo of NOMS would have looked like...


▲ rito pls...


▲ Well, that was much shorter than we expected.
We hope that they'd open up a bit more next time.




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