Titan and Titan Incarnate, owning the battlefield with brutal force

The Titan, a monster that is essentially the mascot of the Titan Ruins, is summoned with 100 points acquired by one team. It marches towards the enemy base along the middle lane when summoned, and is a force too formidable to ignore. While the enemy team defends against the Titan, the ally team can use the opportunity to claim objectives, such as Guardian Towers.

There are three types of Titans - Ardent Tsaphon, Helix Damizhra, and Kinetic Marahv - and the type of the first Titan to be summoned by either team is random. The next Titans are summoned in order going from Ardent, Helix, and then Kinetic. Also, the first Titan that is summoned will be stronger than the other Titans. The first Titan in the match has a 10k shield. Each Titan differs in appearance and ability.

Titan Incarnate is the transformation of a player into a Titan. Players can acquire an item called a Titan Shard by destroying the Guardian Tower, enemy Titan, or Titan Monolith. The Titan Incarnate is activated after gathering 5 shards and with the permission of ally team members. It lasts for 25 seconds and possessed an incredible amount of HP and AP.  This is surely a game changer even in dire situations, thus the use of Titan Incarnate at the right timing is crucial.

▲ A Master can activate the Titan Incarnate in the Titan Ruins


The summoning of a Titan, and the importance of winning the battle between Titans

Each team can receive the support of a Titan with every 100 points. When the points reach 100, a Titan is automatically summoned in the base and marches towards the enemy base along the middle lane.

The very first Titan summoned in the match has a 10k damage absorbing shield. This first Titan can be very advantageous. Even if the enemy team summons another Titan right after, the first Titan is stronger thanks to the shield.

Titans also have strengths and weaknesses just like Masters and monsters. The first Titan surpasses the next summoned Titan. Since all Titans march forward along the middle lane, battles between Titans are sure to take place, and the difference between the Titans greatly influence the outcome of the battles. Therefore, the team that summons the Titan first may have some advantage over the enemy team.

▲ The first Titan has a 10000 damage absorbing barrier


Each Titan possess unique abilities. Ardent Tsaphon is specialized in attacking and receives increased AP according to the number of surrounding ally Masters, and the bonus caps at 100%. It explodes and damages nearby areas when killed.

Helix Damizhra is a Titan focused more on defense. Its passive skill blocks incoming projectiles, and also heals nearby allies. It provides a damage absorbing barrier to nearby ally Masters when killed.

Kinetic Marahv has the high movement speed and crowd control abilities. The ally’s movement speed increases for a short amount of time when they walk along the route of Marahv. The Titan also pulls the nearby enemy towards it, dismantling the enemy camp easily. It pulls in enemies and slows them down when killed.

Players need to get the most out of a Titan when it is summoned. With the buffs provided by the Titans such as increased AP, movement speed, and HP recovery, you are given a great advantage when marching down the middle lane with the Titan. When fights between Titans take place, it is best to have as many Masters with the Titan as possible to ensure the victory of their Titan. When Titan battles take place, the one that wins recovers its HP.

Some players let the Titan march forward while they aim for other neutral objectives, but this is not recommended unless your victory is already certain. Even though the Titan’s strength is formidable, it is difficult to give as much damage when the enemy team focuses wholly on defense, and since the Titan gives a Titan Shard when killed, the enemy team could be one step closer to turning the tide.

The neutral monster that is most helpful for summoning the Titan is Kahzor. It gives 100 points upon its death, allowing a team to summon a Titan instantly. Moreover, slaying King Tanian provides 30 points and 5 points when the enemy Master is killed. In addition to that, a Master with a kill streak provides additional points depending on the number of kills he/she had before being slain, thus it is good to set him/her as a priority. There are also other ways of acquiring points such as capturing a Titan’s Sight, and slaying the Alter Watcher, Warden, or Keeper.

▲ The Titan can easily destroy the ally Guardian Tower if you do not react to it fast enough


The transformation into the mighty Titan Incarnate with 5 Titan Shards

The Titan Incarnate is a system that transforms a player into a mighty Titan. Unlike a normal Titan that is summoned automatically, you can control the Titan Incarnate yourself, and can even use the skills of it with mana. You need 5 Titan Shards before proceeding to the Titan Incarnate.

Completing objectives such as destroying the enemy Guardian Tower, Titan, and Titan Monolith provides one Titan Shard. The Titan Shard acquired by destroying the Guardian Tower is saved automatically, but other shards from the Titan or Titan Monolith are dropped on the ground, and a Master needs to pick up and return to the base with it. If the Master with the shard is attacked and killed, the shard is dropped on the ground again, allowing other Masters to pick it up.

The movement speed of the Master with the shard is decreased for a short amount of time, and their location is detected by the enemy team. Thus, it is good to return to the base, or be protected by ally team members if possible.

The number of accumulated shards appears on top center of the game screen as a form of yellow circle. When the number reaches five, the system message of ‘Titan Incarnate Available!’ with a golden icon beneath the remaining game time appears.

▲ A Master with the Titan Shard moves slowly for a short time and is detected by the enemy


The Titan Incarnate can be done by only one player, with the ally team members’ permission. Press Z if you want to use it. The survey then begins, and the player needs at least two votes from the ally team to transform. When the authorization is complete, the transformation begins.

It lasts for 25 seconds with 10000 HP and high AP. Although you cannot use the original Master skills, the unique skills of the Titan Incarnate in two different modes are available instead. The mode change can always be done by pressing R, and it requires 3 seconds.

▲ You can use the Titan Incarnate with 5 Titan Shards and under the team member's permission


The default mode is Combat Mode. The name already represents its strength in battle. The first skill is called Titanic Smash, which unleashes a shockwave in a certain direction and deals AoE damage. The second skill, called Titanic Leap, allows the Titan to jump to a nearby location and deal massive damage while stunning enemy Masters. This is quite good in narrow areas where players cannot easily evade.

Siege Mode is available by pressing R while in combat mode. It is a siege-specialized mode, equipping the Titan with a huge hammer. The first skill of this mode is Titanic Slam, which delivers damage by smashing the enemy Master and additional damage with a following earthquake. The second skill, called Titan’s Inspiration, creates a barrier on all nearby ally Masters for 10 seconds, and also gives buffs of increased movement speed and AP.

▲ You can use unique skills when you become the Titan Incarnate
▲ The Titan uses a hammer in the siege mode, and is specialized in sieging

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