Title Guide: How to enhance your Masters with the Titles!

In Master X Master (MXM), players can adorn their player names with ‘Title’, as well as gain additional stats for their Masters.

The stats that can be added via Titles vary, from basics like Weapon Damage and Health to Ultimate Gauge Recovery, Tag-out Healing, Life Steal, and more. However, certain Titles also have penalties to using them, so it is necessary to check the stats before using them.

The ‘Title’ will be shown above the player’s name, and the Title exposed to other players and the Title for stats can be set separately. For example, even though the Title ‘Heart of Gold’ is shown above your player’s name, you can still have the Title ‘The Merciless’ set for your stats.

▲ Some Titles have penalties that lower stats.

You can change the displayed Titles and the stat Titles on the ‘Title/Insignia’ page of the Title tab. You can also check the Titles you have collected on this page, and each Title has two checkboxes on its left.

The one on the left is the Title that is displayed above the player’s name, so you can choose whichever one you like best. The checkbox on the right is the Title that raises your stats. You can’t check this checkbox in case of the Titles that do not add stats. You can see the additional stats in the bottom section, so all you have to do is choose the Title that adds the most beneficial stats.

Even if you have collected many Titles, you can only use one, meaning you need to gain a Title that adds the most stats instead of collecting various titles in order to maximize the stat effect.

▲ You can choose the Title exposed to other players and the Title for your stats separately.

You can collect Titles when you gain achievements. As for achievements, they can be gained when you achieve certain benchmarks like ‘10 Wins in Combat Arena’, and there are over 100 achievements in MXM. The Titles aren’t always given as rewards just because you get an achievement, but there are certain achievements that gives Titles as a reward.

You can check out the list of achievements or the number of achievements you’ve got on the Achievements tab of the Profile page. You can check ‘Reward - Title’ in the filter placed upper-left to only see the achievements that reward Titles. You’ll be able to read descriptions of each Title and additional stats by moving your cursor on the Title under each achievement section. If there are no additional stats available, you’ll only see the description.

The difficulty of gaining a Title is usually proportional to its bonus stats. For example, the Title that enhance your Master’s movespeed by 2.2, ‘G-Series Quality Inspector’, can be easily gained, although ‘Otherworldly Conqueror’, which enhances movespeed by 5.2, can only be gained after completing two difficult achievements.

▲ You can check the achievements that reward Titles by checking ‘Reward - Title’ in the Achievements tab.

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