“kkOma believed in the green light...”


“Kkoma believed in the green light, the married future that year by year recedes before him. His Teemo skin eluded him then, but that's no matter -- tomorrow he'll train them harder, make them dive deeper... And one fine morning -- So he beats on, a boat against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the Summoner's Rift.”

Today's editorial cartoon is about SKT 2016 Worlds Skins - and kkOma's small wish.

Ever since LoL World Championship was first held in 2011, Riot Games celebrated the Worlds winning team by designing a series of skins that are themed around the team. It's the ultimate form of respect for the LoL players, and they are usually designed so well that even their rival teams would use them.

However, there's a glaring absence of someone who are crucial yet underappreciated for a team's performance: The coaching staffs.

With the more complicated drafts, rapidly changing metagame, and gaps rapidly closing in terms of mechanics; the importance of coaches cannot be stressed enough. Although Riot Games did start to recognize them by awarding 'the Coach of the Split', coaches deserve to be recognized with something more special.

SKT T1's coach, Junggyun "kkOma" Kim must have felt the same way. During the Worlds 2016, kkOma shared in an interview with the Rift Herald about how he'd like a Teemo skin if he wins the Worlds again. Some people might feel strongly against a Teemo skin, but fans (and even the article) agreed that he deserves something personal for all that he has done for the team and the entire LoL scene.

kkOma kept his end of the bargain, and while we cannot give him a wife, we can at least give him a personalized skin... Even if that means we'd have one more Teemo skin.

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