Today's editorial cartoon is about the future clash between SKT T1's Huni and TSM's Hauntzer.

The Mid-Season Invitational is one of few Riot-sanctioned international tournaments where a team from each of the thirteen regions are chosen to represent their own region. As only one team per region is chosen to participate in the invitational, the MSI is one of few international tournaments with teams of the highest caliber in various regions.

For NA LCS, Team SoloMid was chosen to represent the region, as they reigned supreme in NA LCS once again. Even in the danger of a reverse sweep, it was TSM that ended the match as the winner. Kevin "Hauntzer" Yarnell, the top laner of TSM, had to face both Ray and Impact in the finals, but he had prepared enough to do well against both.

In the winners interview, however, Hauntzer had prepared something else: A bold statement regarding the Korean top laners in NA LCS. During the interview, Hauntzer remarked that playing against the imports were "not as good as the fans say they are".

The fans went wild. Many were impressed at his skill, achievements and confidence. For Korean fans, the fact that he was confident enough to say it straight earned him respect from many Korean fans.

Of course, not all Korean fans were impressed at his comment. Some criticized how NA infrastructures and language barriers hindered Koreans performance. Some even took his words to be aimed at all Korean players. Either way, those fans asked SKT T1 and their top laner, Seunghoon "Huni" Heo , to "teach Hauntzer a lesson".

When we translated those comments into English, the fans went wilder. Huni actually faced Hauntzer before while we was in Immortals, and he did poorly against Hauntzer at the time - Cue the heated speculation of who will be able to give the other a 'lesson'.

Just like that, another rivalry that will rival the battle between the two of the greatest mid laners - Faker vs Bjergsen - has emerged: The grudge match between Huni and Hauntzer.

Will Huni be able to get his payback for what happened when he was in Immortals? Or will Hauntzer be able to claim that all Korean top laners are overrated?

The answer will be revealed at the MSI 2017...

...and Huni can't wait to find out.

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