LCK commentator CloudTemplar: "People tend to be overprotective of Bjergsen"

Hyun-woo “CloudTemplar” Lee, the former CJ Entus jungler and current OGN commentator for LCK, shared his thoughts about the 2017 MSI on his personal stream.

Regarding the highly anticipated grand finals, “I thought G2 was going to take Game 1, but SKT pulled through after G2 made a couple mistakes,” CloudTemplar said. “It looked like G2 would easily lose the rest of the series, but I was amazed at how they came to win the next game,” he recounted as he apparently agreed to the consensus that EU is quickly catching up to Korea.

Concerning the hotly contested issue of “the best mid in the world”, he explained that a 1v1 mid lane battle was in favor of G2 by saying, “Faker fell behind Perkz as far as laning was concerned.” However, CloudTemplar also said that “1v1 laning is only a part of the picture in a teamplay game. If you factor in team contributions, Faker is still the best mid laner.”

When asked about the predicted outcome between G2 and the other top LCK teams like KT, CloudTemplar prefaced his answer with “I’ll have to see it first,” and spoke highly of G2’s potential by saying it’ll difficult for G2 to lose to any other teams aside from SKT if they keep up the same form in the finals.

He also mentioned teams that didn’t make it to the finals. According to CloudTemplar, Team WE “brought their own plays even though it’s somewhat lacking considering the side-by-side growth of NA LCS and LPL,” whereas Flash Wolves “left much to be desired, especially when they’re the top dog in LMS.” On the other hand, he expressed a hopeful view of the Gigabyte Marines, who made it through the group stage as a wildcard, by saying, “I look forward to seeing them in this year’s Worlds.”

All in all, TSM turned out to be the team with the most promises unfulfilled. Contrary to what they showed as the top team in NA, they seem to falter on international stages due to tilting and loss of focus. He had this to say about Bjergsen, the key player of TSM, while emphasizing the teamplay aspect of League: “Though he’s the best player in the team, I noticed from watching their games that his mistakes sometimes end up costing games. He’s definitely a good player, but people seem to be overprotective of him when it comes to the team’s underwhelming results.”

With respect to the continued Korean dominance in League, CloudTemplar said, extolling the virtue of Korean gaming culture and the advanced pro team system, “It’s hard to expect a change with foreign teams signing a Korean coach here and a couple Korean players there. I think the culture itself must first change.” Additionally, he asserted his confidence in Korean players, saying that “If people invest in the country on par with current League, I believe Koreans can top other games as well. It’s not impossible for a game like Dota 2 to see Korean champions if they put their minds to it.”

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