The interview with MaRin, the barista of Afreeca Freecs at his photoshoot studio

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Our 14th guest of the interview is Gyeonghwan “MaRin” Jang who did a photoshoot with Inven.

It has been awhile since the LoL Championship Spring Split and we had some time to do a photoshoot of him with a barista theme, as he just loves coffee so much that he even changed his nickname to ‘Coffee Water Control Artisan”. Moreover, not only did he speak about the photoshoot, he voiced his determination for delivering good outcomes in future games and his goal of entering the LoL World Championship.

Let us have a look at the interview with MaRin, who transformed from a lone top laner to an elegant barista.

Q. How do you feel about the photoshoot?

I’ve seen Junsik “Bang” Bae doing a photoshoot one day and it looked quite fun, so I did it. It was as fun as I expected and also an unusual experience.

Q. Did you look at Bang’s photos?

Yes, I saw them on Inven.

Q. You are known to be a coffee maniac as your nickname is ‘Coffee Water Control Artisan’. Do you like the idea of being a barista?

Yes. I personally love coffee so that’s why I changed my nickname, and I think the concept is fun too.

Q. What kind of coffee do you like?

I enjoy a latte when I am hungry, and an iced americano when I’m not.

Q. How are you doing after 2 days of the Afreeca Freecs Healing Camp?

After the healing camp that went for 1 night and 2 days, I keep practicing during weekdays, and rest and work out during weekends.

Q. How’s the preparation for the Summer Season going?

It is going pretty well, and I believe that we can bring about a good outcome with a bit more thorough preparation and as long as we aren’t careless.

Q. We heard that you go through a considerable amount of practice. How confident are you in relation to the Summer Season?

First of all, people say that our amount of practice is quite a lot, but other teams practice when we practice as well. Based on that, the amount is pretty much the same. Although I do have confidence, we’ll see the what happens when the season actually begins.

Q. Many champions are being reworked nowadays, and people usually say that MaRin is equal to Maokai. What do you think about the rework of Maokai?

I think that the champion is now more suitable in mid, jungle, or support, so I suppose that I need to give him away to other pro players.

Q. Are there any difficulties you deal with being one of the oldest in the team?

Everyone practices hard, so I don’t really find it difficult. The other teammates are also well-behaved, so I don’t have any difficulties in that aspect either.

Q. Lastly, please share your determination for the Summer Season.

I felt bad towards the fans since we had a close match for the Wildcard during the Spring Season yet still lost, but we have been preparing and practicing for a long time, so you can expect much from us in the Summer Season. We will do our best to produce some good results in the upcoming season and make it to the LoL World Championship. Thank you.

If you would like to see the photos of MaRin showing his true love towards coffee, check out this link.

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