[MSI2017] SKT Peanut: "All I needed to do was just focus on my plays"


SKT Peanut thanked his team and its infrastructure that allowed him to focus on plays.

On May 21st (PDT) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; SK Telecom T1 defeated G2 Esports 3-1 in the finals of Mid-Season Invitational 2017. After the match, Wangho “Peanut” Han was interviewed by Riot Games for his thoughts.

Peanut thanked his team for his first win at an international tournament: "SKT was already a great team even before I joined, and their infrastructure has been great too. All I needed to do was just focus on my plays and do what I was expected to do. That's why I think we won."

Peanut was pretty happy with his performance too: "I made some mistakes at times, so I had get some feedback on my plays. Though, I think I generally did well and lived up to expectations."

As for G2, SKT was wary of G2's draft and expected to drop a game: "They knew all the meta picks, so the draft was very important. We expected the game to be more difficult when playing on red, and that might have been why we lost Game 2."

Peanut was very impressed at Brazil as well: "Brazil was very energetic. Whenever I see people dancing to music, I couldn't help but to do a little shoulder dance. I'm also really grateful for the Brazilian crowd for giving us much love. Thank you for coming all the way to the stadium!"

Finally, he ended the interview with his impression of meeting the football legend Ronaldo: "He's a legendary player, so I looked him up on the internet to be prepared, but there was too much delay [for me to talk to him]. He is certainly a legend with two World Cup wins, and I feel honored to have been awarded the medal with his own hands. It was an unforgettable experience. I actually bought a Brazil football jersey to get his autograph too."

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