Yongjun “Fly” Song leaves Longzhu Gaming

LCK Pro team Longzhu Gaming exports its member again.

On May 20, Korean League of Legends Pro team Longzhu Gaming announced the departure of Yongjun “Fly” Song who was mid laner of the team.

The way that Fly left his team is not common in Korea. LCK teams usually write contract with player for a year. But Fly played with Longzhu Gaming for just a split before his departure. Since Dongwoo “Crash” Lee has left the team as well, Longzhu Gaming’s roster should change radically.

Fly’s new destination will be Gold Coin United, which has several Korean members, such as Mingi “Madlife” Hong, Yoonsub “Locodoco” Choi.

Bosung “BDD” Guak are expected to play in place of Fly for Longzhu Gaming, and Fly will compete with Jaehoon "FeniX' Kim for the starter spot in GCU.

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