[MSI2017] WE Coach HooN: "Flash Wolves only stood a chance in single-game matches."


On May 18th, we interviewed Namhoon “HooN” Kim, Team WE's coach via telephone for a comment on the semifinals. He said that he is pretty confident about the match against G2, and had a pretty strong opinion about FW's chance against SKT in a best-of-five match.

Between SKT and FW, who do you think will win tomorrow?

I'll say SK Telecom T1. They are very strong in series, and I think SKT has the upper hand in all lanes against FW. FW's Maple and Karsa is pretty strong, but SKT's Faker and Peanut should be dominating enough to not allow any upsets.

Aren't Flash Wolves unusually strong against Korean teams?

It might look that way, but Flash Wolves only stood a chance because they were playing single-game matches. I doubt that SKT will lose a best-of-five match.

Who would you like to face in finals?

We have to face SKT T1. SKT T1 is undeniably the best team in the world - We have to defeat them in order to prove that we are a strong team.

What do you think will be the decisive factor of the match?

Mid-jungle fights will be the decisive factor. The team that gets ahead in mid-jungle fights will easily take the game. I expect the botlane duo to be roughly equal, and I think Huni is stronger than MMD. Faker isn't in his usual shape, but I think it's because he got too careless and made mistakes - I don't think he is in a slump.

How do you think the match against G2 will go?

If everything goes according to plan, it'll be possible for us to shut them down 3-0. I guess we could drop a game if we stumble. We've defeated them twice in the group stage, and I think Trick hasn't been doing as well as he has been in EU LCS.

Their botlane duo is certainly strong, but that's why G2 Esports prefer to play with late-game compositions that'll put more weight to the botlane duo. If our team composition aims to end the game early, the mid-jungle matchup will be the decisive factor instead.

Who do you think will do well in the match between G2 and WE?

For G2 Esports, their ADC, Zven will do well. Like I've just said, they prefer to play with 'Protect-the-ADC' compositions, and we could lose if Zven gets fed too much. As for us, I think 957 will do well. I personally feel that he is doing better than he has been during LPL Spring Split. We also won some matches in MSI all thanks to him, so I expect him to do well in the semifinals.

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