T1 Gumayusi on facing TL: "If we don't improve, it will be a difficult match."


T1 faced a 1-3 defeat against Bilibili Gaming in the bracket stage of the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational. With the loss, they fell to the losers' bracket to seize their last chance for redemption. After the match, T1 bot laner Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong joined the media for an interview.



How do you plan to prepare for the next match based on the loss against BLG?


Mid-lane champions were heavily banned today. To prepare for such situations, we need feedback on how to proceed with the draft.


T1 has been on a long journey since the Play-In Stage. How do you feel about the schedule getting longer as you head to the loser's bracket?


When we reached the Bracket Stage, our mindset was that winning four consecutive matches would lead us to the championship. However, now that we have fallen to the losers’ bracket, we must win four matches again to secure the championship. Our mindset remains the same.


What was the reason for utilizing the Senna-Tahm Kench comp extensively?


Senna's tier is quite high, so we picked Senna a lot. We chose the red side after losing game 1 because, based on the feedback, we believed we had a good chance of winning.


What do you think is the area that needs the most improvement after today's defeat?


We need to focus on improving our overall performance and make some adjustments to the draft.


At Worlds 2024, T1 won the championship by interpreting the champion tiers quickly. At what stage is T1 on in that regard?


There's no definitive answer interpreting the champion tiers. However, winning is the answer. Since we lost today, adjustments are needed, and we need to think about how we would handle the opponent's draft strategies when they go in another direction.


What differences do you see between last year's BLG and the current BLG with the addition of knight?


Both Yagao and knight are talented players, but it seems that the team has become more aggressive in their operations since knight joined.


You’ll be facing Team Liquid now. What kind of team do you think they are?


They seem to prefer solid plays. Also, UmTi’s early game designs are expected to be sharp. If we play well, we can easily win, but if we don't improve, it will be a difficult match.

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