T1 Keria: "I've always thought that Inspired is a great player."


T1 entered the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational from the Play-in Stage and secured a 2-0 victory against Estral Esports on May 1, advancing to the Winners Bracket. T1 utilized the lane swap strategy, frequently seen in this MSI, in both games. After the match, Ryu “Keria” Min-seok joined Park Jeesun Park for an interview.



This is T1's first international tournament starting from the Play-in Stage. How was today's match?


It was our first time playing in the Play-in Stage, so I was excited to face different teams than usual. Even though we knew EST was an aggressive team, we were caught off guard by their aggression.


You swapped lanes in both games today. What do you think about this meta?


Lane swaps are frequent in this meta. Since we haven't been in China for long, we are still practicing and trying to figure out what works best in each situation. It's difficult to determine what's good and what's not yet.


Today, you played Neeko and Rumble support. Are you satisfied with your performance?


It felt like there were a lot of issues with the setup of the venue today. Personally, I made many mistakes, so I'm not entirely satisfied.


You must be feeling the popularity here on-site.


I was already aware that many Chinese fans support T1, but being here in person makes it even more tangible. Hearing the cheers from the crowd makes me feel appreciated and happy.


Next is the FlyQuest match. Both opponents in the bot duo are known to be fans and admirers of Gumayusi and Keria. Any message you want to convey?


I think the bot duo of FlyQuest deals damage well. We'll have to perform well too. Personally, I've always thought that Inspired is a great player, so I'm looking forward to the match.


Any message for the fans?


It's a different start from the Play-in Stage. We'll do well to clear the Play-in stage and show a good performance in the bracket stage.

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