Overwatch 2, all heroes free starting from Season 10


Starting from the upcoming new season, all heroes in Overwatch 2 will be available for free. On Mar. 19, Blizzard unveiled a developer update introducing new content and information for Overwatch 2, scheduled to be added soon. The first piece of information introduced relates to the heroes. From Season 10 of Overwatch 2 onwards, all new heroes will be unlocked from the time of release. This means players can play with any hero they desire without having to purchase a battle pass or accumulate battle pass progression. 


This applies retroactively to the new heroes introduced in Overwatch 2 such as Kiriko, Lifeweaver, Illari, and Mauga. The hero benefits previously available in PC cafes will be applied by default. However, new players who are just getting into Overwatch 2 still need to complete the New Player Guide to familiarize themselves with the game.


Also, Venture, the 40th hero of Overwatch, which was introduced lightly during the last Blizzcon, will be added at the start of Season 10. Venture will also be free to play at the start of the season, as users can benefit from the new changes.


▲ Players can play Venture without purchase from the beginning of Season 10


Additionally, the method of obtaining Mythic skins will become more diverse. Blizzard announced that from Season 10, a new Mythic Shop will be introduced, allowing players to acquire, upgrade, and unlock Mythic hero skins. In the Mythic Shop, players can obtain the Mythic hero skins of the current season based on the progression of the premium battle pass, and they can determine to what extent each Mythic skin is crafted. If players do not wish to unlock all color variations and visual changes of the Mythic skin, they can switch to another Mythic skin.


Furthermore, players will be able to purchase past Mythic hero skins from the Mythic Shop. Skins from previous seasons will be available in the Mythic Shop two seasons after their release. With the implementation of Season 10, players will be able to purchase Mythic hero skins from Seasons 1 to 7 directly from the Mythic Shop.


▲ Old mythical skins can be bought from the mythical shop


From Season 10, the progression and rewards for the battle pass will also become more accessible. Blizzard stated that players will be able to earn coins during the progression of both the free and premium battle passes, and the number of coins obtainable for free will increase from the current 540 to 600. Weekly challenges will also be adjusted to suit players' playstyles, making it easier to earn battle pass experience.


In addition to various improvements, Overwatch 2's gameplay will undergo refinement. Blizzard stated that there were significant changes to competitive play and core gameplay mechanics in Season 9, and they aim to introduce new updates or systems consistently to change the meta, implement rank resets, and introduce new rewards, bringing regular vitality to the game. They aim to create a fair and enjoyable game by listening to user feedback.

Subsequently, plans for map updates were introduced. The new mode "Clash”, which was revealed at BlizzCon 2023, will be applied along with two new maps within the year 2024. Blizzard stated that a Clash experience period, taking place in the new map Hanaoka will be scheduled to start concurrently with Season 10, and they asked for a lot of feedback.


In Season 11, a new push map called Runasapi will be added, themed around the world of Illari and the inti warriors set in Peru. In addition to the overhaul of some existing maps, a newly revamped Colosseo will also be unveiled.


▲ You can try out Clash in Hanaoka


The next developer note for Overwatch 2 will introduce methods to address player behavior disruption, group restrictions and competitive play, and player anonymity issues, as well as information related to new season competitive play and defense matrix updates.


Finally, the Overwatch 2 development team stated, "The most important part of these plans is you,” and mentioned that the developers are dedicated to developing this game alongside the users. Assuring that they are listening closely to the user feedback, they finished the video by thanking the users and saying, “Let’s make a great game.”


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