T1 Faker: "I felt proud seeing Guwon being so proactive and passionate today."


On Mar. 2, in the 2024 LCK Spring Split, T1 faced OK BRION. Prior to the match, T1 had announced that the starting jungler, Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon, could not play due to health issues, and Koo “Guwon” Kwan-mo was called up to play in his place. Despite Oner’s absence, T1 had an easy 2-0 win and collected their 11th win of the season. After the match, the Players of the Games, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Ryu “Keria” Min-seok, joined Yoon Soo-bin for an interview.



Congratulations on the victory. How do you feel?


Keria: Today, Oner couldn't play, and Guwon stepped in. I'm proud that we showed a good performance together with Guwon.


Faker: Today, neither Oner nor the team's condition was perfect, but it was still a good experience to finish well.


Keria, you're now ranked first in total POG points among supports, and Faker, you've reclaimed the top spot overall. How do you feel about this?


Keria: I wasn't paying much attention to the POG competition as the mid laners were mainly competing, but suddenly having 500 points feels amazing, and being ranked first among supports makes me proud.


Faker: I think the mid lane's influence has increased a lot in the recent meta, so there were more opportunities to be voted as POG. Also, I was able to receive it because my teammates played well.


Guwon filled in for Oner today. How was he?


Faker: I was worried because Oner usually plays an essential role in our team, such as initiating teamfights and doing dirty work, but Guwon did a good job today, so we were able to have a good result.


Is Oner's okay?


Faker: It doesn’t really seem like it, but he came to LoL Park today, and it seems that he’s well enough to jump in the game if necessary.


Keria, seeing you play Tahm Kench so well makes me wonder if there's anyone else who can play him like you. How was it?


Keria: Before Tahm Kench was remade, he was a very passive champion, and it felt like anyone could play him. However, after the remake, he became a versatile champion. Whenever I used Tahm Kench in tournaments, I thought I was exceptional. [Laughs]


You received a unanimous POG vote. When did you think you would receive it?


Keria: We fought at Baron, and I got a triple kill. That’s when I thought I could get voted as POG.


In that moment, uou said you wouldn't die in a 1v3 fight. How were you so confident?


Keria: There was support nearby, and honestly, there was nothing that could kill me except Smolder, which I planned to gobble up with my ultimate.


Guwon looked cheerful throughout the day. Anything you want to say about playing together today?


Faker: I felt proud seeing Guwon being so proactive and passionate today. We were able to win more smoothly because of him.


(To Keria) Senna is on a 17-game winning streak in the LCK. Gumayusi personally has a 15-game winning streak with Senna. How much do you think you contributed to this winning streak?


Keria: I think all teammates contributed, but since I played Tahm Kench well earlier, I'd say about 30%. The rest is for other teammates.


On the other hand, Taliyah has a record of 2 wins and 11 losses in the LCK. However, Faker received POG twice with Taliyah. Why is Taliyah's win rate low? But why is Faker's win rate high?


Faker: Perhaps, like Azir, whose win rate wasn't good at first but is now better, since Taliyah's usage is low, her win rate can be both low and high.


You were very active in roaming today. What was your judgment?


Faker: The enemy bot lane chose Yuumi, who needed to be bothered a lot, so I roamed down. As for the top lane, the skirmishes were timely, so I was able to pick up kills.


Was roaming the team's concept today?


Keria: It varies depending on the composition, and since situations change dynamically in-game, it wasn't planned but rather based on a lot of accumulated data on how to handle certain situations.


Faker: Because we played a lot together, everyone knows their role well, and accordingly, teammates move organically, making it work.


Next up is Kwangdong Freecs. What's your determination?


Keria: I think we have matches against Kwangdong and Gen.G next week, so I'll do my best to maintain our first-place position.


Faker: I'll strive to show a more improved performance in the next match.

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