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The 5 days of MSI 2017 have been a somewhat chaotic period, even going into the very last match. SKT T1, who stood tall and intimidating even before the tournament began, did win first place as expected. However, during the course of the tournament, they were defeated by WE and Flash Wolves, teams considered middle class, which made many hesitate to assert who would end up in the Knockout Stage.

Among the 6 teams, the group with noteworthy performance was the GIGABYTE Marines, who joined the tournament as Wildcards. On the 4th day, all 4 teams except SKT T1 and WE were tied and couldn’t relax until their very last match had finished. Unfortunately, the GIGABYTE Marines placed last with a score of 3-7 on the final day, but it’s a fair result, and we can certainly expect more from them in Worlds.

MSI 2017 was the stage for many great matches, and even more great plays from skilled players. SKT T1’s Peanut constantly outplayed opponents as Lee Sin; Xiye contributed to his team’s victory by constantly killing SKT T1’s Faker in the last match of the Group Stage; G2’s Zven managed to outplay his enemies with no deaths; and Karsa from FW consistently helped his team with his great gaming performance. These are just a few among the many other players who gave it their all in the Group Stage. There were also unfortunate players like Bjergsen from TSM or Levi from GAM whose great gameplays were overshadowed by team elimination, but there performance was awe inspiring nonetheless.


Who will be bring the better plays in the upcoming matches between SKT T1 and FW, WE and G2 in the Knockout Stage? And which teams will be left standing for the final bout? We look forward to amazing games in the Knockout Stage on May 19th.


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Who do you think was the best player in the Group Stage?

Write in the comment section below who you think was the best player in the MSI Group Stage and what match you thought was most impressive. We will be giving 20$ RP Gift Cards to 5 randomly chosen people who participate in the event by commenting on this post before the Finals end (May 21st).

We hope for your participation. To join in other events, click here.

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- Prepaid RP cards are applicable in League of Legends NA server only and cannot be redeemed on the other servers.
- Prepaid RP cards are provided in a code format via Facebook private message.
- Event prizes will be handed out within a week after the 2017 MSI Grand Finals. 


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