How to capture or breed Shadowbeak in Palworld


Shadowbeak is one of the strongest Dark type Pals in Palworld. It is the Pal ridden by Victor, the final tower boss, and possesses powerful skills. Especially noteworthy is Shadowbeak's unique skill, Divine Disaster, which charges forward and unleashes a barrage of light onto its target, causing immense damage.


According to Victor's Journal, Shadowbeak is suspected to be an artificially created chimera. Victor’s journals also suggest the disappearance of an assistant named Alex and subsequent success in developing Shadowbeak, hinting that a human could have been included in the chimera.


▲ The only place Shadowbeak is spawned in Palpagos Islands is the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary
▲ The respawn rate is relatively low


Due to the limited number of Shadowbeak specimens, there are few methods to capture them. The primary method involves going to the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary for basic capture, but the respawn frequency is not very high. Additionally, breeding is another option, but there are only two known combinations — one involves breeding Shadowbeaks together, leaving only one viable method.


Parent 1 Parent 2 Child







While it's possible to breed Kitsun and Astegon separately, obtaining Astegon, being a semi-legendary Pal, can be challenging due to the rarity of its parent Pals. Therefore, the easiest way to capture Shadowbeak is to capture Shadowbeak directly from the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary at an appropriate level.


On a side note, you can still capture the tower boss Victor+Shadowbeak using the conventional boss-capture method.


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