Best places to farm Pal Fluid in Palworld


When playing the game, players would eventually need to supply a lot of Pal Fluid. For example, to make Cement, which is needed to make Legendary Pal Spheres, you need Pal Fluid. Unfortunately, Pal Fluid must be obtained manually as there are no automatic supply sources. Pal Fluid is dropped by Pal creatures with a blue icon and blue skin. Celaray, Fuack, Gobfin, Jormuntide, Kelpsea, Relaxaurus, Surfent, Suzaku Aqua, and Teafant the Pals that drop Pal Fluid. 

Gobfin’s Turf - Gathering Pal Fluid and Bones, along with other resources


Gobfin’s Turf is abundant in Gobfin, making Pal Fluid supply relatively easy. In addition to Gobfin, there are other Pals there as well, allowing for the collection of various resources. Bones, which can also be purchased from merchants, are available, and the area is characterized by numerous treasure chests containing various items and coins. Moreover, being close to the starting point makes it easily accessible even for beginners.


▲ Gobfin’s Turf
▲ Target the blue fellas
▲ Items obtained through hunting and looting nearby treasure chests

Azurobe Hill - Area exclusively for obtaining Pal Fluid


For those solely interested in obtaining Pal Fluid, Azurobe Hill is ideal. It is inhabited only by Kelpsea and Celaray, and after circling the area once or more, you can obtain over 50 Pal Fluids. With no other Pal creatures present, Pal Fluid can be easily obtained here. Additionally, there is a Syndicate Camp in the central part of the beach, where one can occasionally visit to rescue imprisoned Pals and obtain ammunition.


▲ Azurobe Hill
▲ Capture and kill Kelpsea and Celaray
▲ Pal Fluids and Raw Kelpsea are the only drops here


Forgotten Island - Area for obtaining High Quality Pal Oil and some Pal Fluid


For those interested in obtaining both Pal Fluid and High Quality Pal Oil, Forgotten Island is recommended. Mammorest roams the central part of the island, and it drops High Quality Pal Oil, so you should capture or kill them. Additionally, by hunting blue Pals along the beach, you can obtain Pal Fluid. Forgotten Island is recommended for those who want to farm both High Quality Pal Oil and Pal Fluid simultaneously.


▲ Forgotten Island
▲ Blue creatures drop Pal Fluid, while Mammorest drops High Quality Pal Oil
▲ A hunting ground where some meat can also be obtained

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