From clubs and spears to rifles and rocket launchers — All weapons in Palworld


When you start Palworld, you initially encounter the Wooden Club, which leads to melee weapons such as axes, spears, and swords. Unlike ranged weapons, melee weapons are useful as secondary weapons because they don't consume arrows or bullets. Managing health is not easy when engaging in close combat, but it's necessary to carry a melee weapon in case you cannot use ranged weapons.


Basic weapons are mainly used in the early stages, but useful types of spears and swords are discovered in the later stages. Among them, Lily's Spear is a special weapon that consumes Ancient Technology Points to learn the crafting method, making it the second-highest in attack power among melee weapons. Additionally, the Sword, which has the highest attack power, opens at level 44. You can choose between a slashing sword and a thrusting spear.


Among the straightforward melee weapons with mostly basic attack damage, the Stun Baton has a special effect. While it has low attack power, it has a chance to stun the opponent upon impact, making it useful when capturing low-level Pals. Despite the low damage, its ability to electrocute the opponent upon impact makes it a dedicated weapon for capturing Pals.


▲ Lily’s Spear is available if you learn it with Ancient Technology Points
▲ The Sword has the highest damage among melee weapons
▲ The Stun Baton can stun Pals

Ranged weapons, from bows to rocket launchers


Most players use ranged weapons as their main weapons, and they are crucial for most activities in the game. Starting with traditional weapons like bows and crossbows, various modern firearms are available. Depending on the type, ranged weapons have distinct characteristics.


Bows require a slight charge to increase range and effectiveness. If fired immediately, the performance significantly decreases. On the other hand, crossbows are immediately fired and have a much stronger impact per shot than bows, but they have a longer reload time.


Among them, the Three Shot Bow, which fires three arrows at once, has lower arrow damage per shot compared to other bows. However, if all three arrows hit the target, it inflicts more damage in total. Moreover, the fact that only one arrow per shot is consumed from the bag eliminates concerns about excessive arrow consumption.


Both bows and crossbows equipped with fire and poison attributes can cause damage over time upon hitting the opponent. Utilizing this can slowly reduce the health of low-health or low-level Pals, making it useful when capturing or weakening rare Pals with low capture probability.


Therefore, bows and crossbows are primarily used in the early stages, and later on, they are used to inflict damage over time using fire and poison attributes. However, when using attribute bows and crossbows, it is necessary to prepare fire arrows and poison arrows instead of regular arrows.


▲ Crossbows are stronger than Bows, but the reload time is longer
▲ Three Shot Bow fires three arrows at once


Modern firearms, which are primarily used as main weapons, come in various types. Each firearm requires specific ammunition to be prepared, and there are six types of ammunition depending on the firearm type.


Pistols like the Makeshift Handgun and Handgun are mainly used by firearm beginners. The Musket and Single Shot Rifle are suitable for those who enjoy sniper-type gameplay, dealing significant damage with a single shot. The Musket and Single Shot Rifle firearms have the most powerful impact but have a longer reload time after each shot, leading to different preferences.


The Double Barrel Shotgun and Pump-action Shotgun provide multi-hit damage with one shot, affecting a wide area. Therefore, they are more effective at close range, where the damage area is filled with the opponent. They are especially suitable for larger Pals.


Additionally, shotguns boast powerful attack performance, but their disadvantage is the long reload time. The Pump-action Shotgun, with high damage and a large magazine, is more useful.


▲ It takes a really long time to reload the Musket
▲ The Pump-action Shotgun has high damage


The Assault Rifle, the latest firearm to be unlocked, features an extremely fast rate of fire. It can empty a 20-round magazine in an instant, providing strong firepower in any situation. However, due to the rapid rate of fire, ammunition consumption also progresses quickly. To use the Assault Rifle, you need to craft a large number of assault rifle rounds, which require collecting a lot of coal and sulfur.


The Rocket Launcher is the most powerful weapon in the game. With just one shot, it can obliterate a wide area, making it the last weapon to be unlocked. It requires a long time to reload after one powerful shot, and creating rocket ammunition demands Pal Metal Ingots, making it more resource-intensive compared to other ammunition.


Despite these drawbacks, the Rocket Launcher becomes a highly attractive weapon once you experience its power. Although it may lack versatility as a main weapon, it proves extremely useful in specific situations, such as facing multiple enemies or defeating powerful opponents. Additionally, since the projectile is a bomb, it is excellent for destroying objects.


▲ The Assault Rifle has a fast fire rate
▲ The Rocket Launcher is the strongest weapon in the game

Grenades, various attribute effects in a wide area


Various grenades, which are thrown one by one, can be used as special auxiliary weapons depending on the situation. They possess considerable power, with wide-range impact and effects depending on the attribute. The throwing speed is surprisingly fast, and thanks to the wide explosion range, they are suitable for dealing damage to multiple opponents.


However, considering the one-time use despite consuming a small amount of material per throw, it is challenging to use them in large quantities. Moreover, there is a slight delay from throwing to the explosion, and occasionally, there are cases where the grenade passes through the body of a Pal when thrown. Therefore, calculating the distance and practicing throwing on the ground is necessary. Due to these features, grenades are challenging to use against airborne Pals.


Nevertheless, the fact that grenades can cause area-of-effect attribute damage is attractive. The basic Frag Grenade only causes damage, but the Shock Grenade electrocutes, the Ice Grenade freezes, and the Incendiary Grenade inflicts a burning state on opponents. Utilizing these special effects can lead to an advantage in combat or assist in capturing Pals.


▲ The throwing speed is quite fast
▲ Shock Grenades electrocute enemies
▲ The fog from Ice Grenades freezes the opponents
▲ Incendiary Grenades turn the area into a sea of fire

Weapon grade differences


Except for Lily's Spear, which is obtained by learning the crafting method through Ancient Technology, other weapons learned through technology development are obtained as common grades. However, through treasure chests in the field or boss defeats, you can obtain Schematics to craft higher-grade weapons. Even for the same weapon, a higher grade will have higher attack power.


For example, the 'Old Bow' has an attack power of 65 at the common grade, but at the advanced grade, it doubles to 130. Furthermore, at the rare grade, it increases to 169, and at this point, not only the attack power but also the durability of the weapon increases with the grade.


Overall, higher-grade weapons have better performance and endurance, making them more effective over an extended period. Since this improvement in performance due to grade applies to armor and accessories as well, you should keep your eyes out for treasure boxes and keep on conquering bosses to obtain better equipment.


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