GEN Kiin on facing FOX: "Chovy will handle everything."


In the 2024 LCK Spring Split match held on Feb. 2, Gen.G faced off against Kwangdong Freecs. Gen.G, riding a momentum of consecutive victories, defeated the recently well-performing Kwangdong Freecs with a clean 2-0 score. The standout players of the day, Gen.G's top laner Kim "Kiin" Gi-in and jungler Kim "Canyon" Geon-bu, were selected as the Players of the Game and joined the post-match POG interview.



You achieved a 5-game winning streak. Thoughts on the victory?


Kiin: Continuing the winning streak feels good, and I'm happy to go back with a positive mindset.


Canyon: It's great to maintain our momentum. Winning cleanly today makes it even better.


Both of you were unanimously selected as POG. Thoughts on that?


Kiin: I knew I would get POG since the K'Sante plays went so well, but it feels even better that I was voted unanimously.


Canyon: I also felt good because I knew I would get it because the early game went so smoothly for me.


Kwangdong Freecs had been performing well recently. How did you approach today's match?


Canyon: Since Kwangdong Freecs had good momentum, I thought we shouldn't be complacent and needed to play well. Fortunately, we won well while working together.


Kiin, Freecs is the team you've been with the longest. On social media, you mentioned that you would enjoy today’s game. Did you have a greater desire for victory than usual?


Kiin: The desire to win is always there, but these days, I have a mindset to enjoy the game a bit more. So, I played with a more relaxed mindset.


In game 1, you gave away popular champions Orianna, Lucian, and Nami to the opponent.


Kiin: I'm not sure about giving away Orianna; it was probably decided through discussions with the coach and Chovy. I don't know the details, but it worked out well in the end.


In the first set, there was an impressive scene where Kiin was the last man standing.


Kiin: I thought the teamfight started well, but after fighting for a while, I realized our damage dealers were cut off, and only Rell and I survived. It was a bit surprising, but K'Sante turned out to be strong, so it was okay.


How did it feel to face three opponents alone?


Kiin: I thought, "This champion is quite strong," at that moment. After winning that fight, I immediately thought I’ll get the POG.


Opinions on K'Sante seem divided. Is he OP or not?


Kiin: K'Sante seems to have both good and bad aspects. It could be good or bad depending on how the games play out. It's ordinary because it varies so much depending on the situation.


On the situation? Doesn’t it depend on the player?


Kiin: [Laughs] I think I did well.


In game 2, Canyon, your pathing was excellent. You bothered Cuzz in the counter jungle a lot. You had been on a 7-game losing streak against Cuzz. Did you want to win more because of that?


Canyon: While we were preparing for the game in the waiting room, the screen showed that I was on a 7-game losing streak against Cuzz. It was a bit motivating.


The next opponent is FearX. Are you confident in continuing the undefeated run?


Kiin: Chovy will handle everything. I trust Chovy, and Canyon is always reliable, so I think Chovy will take care of it.


Canyon: Watching FearX play, they have a diverse team composition. We need to prepare well.


Are you also going to rely on Chovy, not Kiin?


Canyon: I’ll rely on him too. Kiin always performs well. [Laughs]


Any words for the fans?


Kiin: It's great to win today and continue the winning streak. We'll work hard to win the next game as well.


Canyon: Thank you sincerely for your support. We'll prepare well and make the games enjoyable for the fans.


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