T1 Faker on being the first to win 600 LCK games: "It makes me realize that I've been playing for a long time."


In the match on Feb. 1, during the 2024 LCK Spring Split, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok achieved his personal 600th victory. Debuting in the LCK in 2013, Faker became the first player to achieve 600 victories after playing 892 games in the LCK over 11 years with T1.


On this day, T1 faced DRX and secured a 2-0 victory. With this win, T1 extended their winning streak to four. Except for the first game of the season against Gen.G, they won all subsequent matches. Particularly in Game 2, Faker played Neeko against Corki, securing a solo kill, and leading the team to victory in just 24 minutes.


After the match, Faker, who was selected as the Player of the Match along with Choi “Zeus” Woo-je, participated in a post-match interview.



Thoughts on the victory?


Zeus: It feels good to beat DRX and continue the winning streak. We have a good flow now.


Faker: I’m satisfied that we were able to have a clean 2-0 win.


Faker, you set another record: 600 career wins in the LCK. What are your thoughts on being the first to achieve this milestone?


Faker: It makes me realize that I've been playing for a long time. I want to continue collecting more victories in the future. Thanks for the congratulations.


(To Zeus) The opponent locked in Jax, but hovered Yone for a while. If the opponent had picked Yone, would you have been confident?


Zeus: I haven't faced Yone much, so it would have felt new for me. However, since I have played Yone a lot, I was confident in how to deal with it.


Zeus achieved a triple kill in the dragon team fight. Your thoughts?


Zeus: I went in for a flank by teleporting behind them, and the opponents weren't in good shape already, so I was able to take advantage of the situation. Gumayusi thought he was the POG. I don't think he'll feel bad because he's a good team player.


Azir is on a long losing streak. Some say it's because players found a way to evade Azir's ult. What do you think?


Faker: In the LCK, Azir is frequently picked, so there's a good understanding of how to counter it. However, there have been many changes from Worlds to now, and Rift has also changed a lot. I'm currently looking for the relevance between those changes and Azir's losing streak.


Faker, you also dodged Azir's ult well. Any personal tips for dodging?


Faker: I got hit by Azir’s ult a few times today due to mistakes. When Azir uses his ult, you see it and then use Flash to avoid it.


In Game 2, you had a strong lane matchup playing Neeko into Corki. Thoughts on the Corki vs. Neeko matchup?


Faker: Corki is undoubtedly a strong champion in the late game, so I approached the lane phase with the idea of gaining as much advantage as possible early on. Since both champions have many non-target skills, I think the one who dodges well has the advantage.

How was the solo kill in Game 2?


Faker: In that situation, I thought the enemy jungler and support would come around at that time. I was waiting for Rakan to use his E, but it seems that there was a lack of communication on their side, and luckily, I got a solo kill.

With today's game, you have 2,996 kills. Only 4 kills left until 3,000. Wouldn’t it have been nice to achieve this milestone today?


Faker: I didn't pay much attention to it, but I felt a bit regretful because I couldn't get many kills in the last game. I tried to get more kills and ended up dying in the end. But honestly, I don't pay much attention to records. Records are just results, and they're not that important.

(To Zeus) Yesterday was your birthday. How did you spend it?


Zeus: Fans prepared various events near the team headquarters, so I looked around, greeted fans, and came back. Also, it's my 3rd anniversary soon, so many good things are happening, and I'm living happily.

Next, you will face OK BRION for the next game aiming for a 5-game winning streak. What are your thoughts?


Zeus: We'll practice for a day and go straight to the game. We'll work hard and come back.


Faker: I'll do my best to prepare for the next game and show a good performance.


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