[Palworld] How to breed the fastest Fenglope


Fenglope is a popular pal used as a mount. With excellent jumping ability and great speed, Fenglope can be bred from the early stages through the breeding farm. If the base's production is stabilized, obtaining a high-speed Fenglope through passive skill breeding is possible.


Passive skill breeding involves combining target pals with specific parents possessing passive skills in the breeding farm, creating pals with useful passive skills through inheritance. This occurs because there is a chance that the parents' passive skills will be inherited by the offspring during the breeding process. If both parents have useful passive skills, obtaining two passive skills is possible.


One reason Fenglope is popular is because of its double-jump ability and exhilarating speed. Although there are superior mounts like Pyrin, they require late-game pals to breed, making them difficult to create. Passing on a single passive skill may involve going through several legs of the breeding process, reducing breeding efficiency. On the other hand, Fenglope can be bred with early-game pals like Foxparks, Lamball, and Cattiva, making it easier to pass on passive skills.


Due to this feature, it's possible to breed a Fenglope with 2-3 of the three passive movement skills: 'Swift (30% increase to movement speed),' 'Runner (20% increase to movement speed),' and 'Nimble (10% increase to movement speed).' As the comfort levels differ, if there is room, it's recommended to challenge the crafting of Fenglopes.


▲ The tremendous speed of a completed Fenglope mount
▲ You need to cook a LOT of cake to breed

TL;DR of how to breed fast Fenglopes


① Capture plenty of lower-level pals like Lifmunk, Foxparks, etc., in Marsh Island Church Ruins.

② Capture two pals with the passive skills 'Runner' and 'Swift' (+Nimble).

③ Based on the breeding chart, capture mates for the pals you captured, matching them with male and female pairs (Surfent, Penking, etc.).

④ Breed a Fenglope that received 'Swift' and 'Runner' from their parents.

⑤ Breed a Swift Fenglope with a Runner Fenglope to obtain an individual with both skills.

⑥ Keep breeding until you get succeed.


Fenglopes can be bred with early-game pals. You can go through your pal box for pals with Swift and Runner, and match them to breed Fenglopes. Even if you don’t have pals with those passive skills, by repeatedly capturing pals in low-level areas like 'Marsh Island Church Ruins,' you can easily capture pals with the passive skills you need. 


Through the process of capturing lower-level pals and breeding Fenglopes with Swift and Runner, you can eventually obtain a Fenglope with Swift+Runner+Nimble. Since both the gender and passive skill inheritance are random probabilities, this task requires a considerable amount of cake. It's recommended to proceed slowly while engaging in other activities.


The most recommended way is to get Fenglopes with one passive skill each and no other passive skill. That way, you can get them to inherit the specific passive skill more easily.


In the later stage, once you capture a Legend, you can pass on its genetics through breeding too. In doing so, you can gain an additional 15% increased movement speed from the Legend's passive skill, making it the final version of Fenglope, albeit really difficult to breed.


▲ Go through your box to find pals with Swift and Runner that can be bred into Fenglopes
▲ Be patient with the process and engage in other activities while you wait
▲ Sacrifice the leftover Fenglopes to strengthen the alpha

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