DK Zefa on Lucid: "It's delightful and gratifying to see a talented young player evolve."


In the 2024 LCK Spring Split match held on Jan 25, Dplus KIA faced off against Nongshim RedForce. With Heo "ShowMaker" Su's stellar performance utilizing LeBlanc and Kassadin, Dplus KIA secured a 2-0 victory. After the match, head coach Lee "Zefa" Jae-min and support Kim "Kellin" Hyeong-gyu visited the press room for an interview.



Thoughts on the Victory?


Zefa: We closed out the first week with a 1-1 record, which was a bit disappointing, but it feels good to start this week with another win. We hope to continue with a winning streak if possible.


Kellin: We had an unfortunate reverse sweep last time, so it feels great to have a clean performance today.


How did you prepare for today’s match?


Zefa: Typically, when progressing with the meta based on a certain patch, there are patterns based on bans. It is important to adapt to those patterns, making calls according to composition concepts, have good macro, and teamfighting well. We provided feedback while doing that, and today's situation was different from the last time. The players executed well according to the composition concept.


(To Kellin) How is the synergy with Aiming? What kind of player is Aiming?


Kellin: It feels comfortable playing with him. Since we both have a lot of experience, it's easy to sync up and understand each other. He's an easygoing type, and he makes the game comfortable for me. We sometimes joke around and have fun.


Game 2 was a dominant victory. Generally, Kassadin is not an early-game champion. Did you expect such a destructive performance?


Zefa: Looking at the composition concept, although Kassadin wasn't an incredibly strong champion from the beginning, the setup made it easy to pick Kassadin. Lucid played well, making the game comfortable, and that contributed to our success.


Lucid has been showing good performances. There's a lot of positive talk about him. Do you have any concerns or things you want to say about Lucid?


Zefa: Of course, there are concerns, especially since he's a rookie. I discuss my concerns during scrims and feedback sessions. He's relatively young, and he sometimes shows excitement and seriousness. However, we're careful not to let the tension rise too much. From a coach's perspective, it's delightful and gratifying to see a talented young player evolve. As players gain experience, their emotions toward League of Legends may change, but having a lively and entertaining player among us is truly enjoyable.


How are you approaching the match against Gen.G on Saturday?


Zefa: Gen.G is undoubtedly a strong team. This spring season, there are so-called three strong teams, so we are consistently focused. We want to prepare well and show a good performance, aiming for a win.


Kellin: I'm not thinking about it too much right now. I want to set my goal to make the match enjoyable. They are undoubtedly a strong team, but since we're performing well, I don't think we'll fall behind.


You’ll have to face Canyon, who used to be on Dplus KIA. Any thoughts?


Kellin: It might seem that some emotions might come out when we face each other, but after gaining quite some experience, it’s not very serious. We'll likely have an interesting and intense match where we fight fiercely and settle things.

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