KT Hirai: "The team came together with the idea of enduring a year with passion and unwavering determination."


On January 19, in the 2024 LCK Spring Split, KT Rolster secured a 2-0 victory against FearX, marking a successful start to their journey. Following the game, head coach Kang "Hirai" Dong-hoon and mid laner Gwak "Bdd" Bo-seong visited the press room to address questions from reporters.



Flawless opening match. Thoughts on the first win?


Hirai: Starting with a victory feels really good. Despite some concerns, the first game didn't make us as nervous as expected, and overall, we showed a lot of positive aspects. It's a great feeling.


Bdd: Winning the first game and being able to lead with a positive atmosphere makes me happy. We have many players who perform even better when the team atmosphere is good, so winning the first game and keeping the positive vibe is truly satisfying.


New members injecting humor like comedians, kind of like Lehends from last year. How are the new members fitting in?


Bdd: The team atmosphere is really good even during practice. In my opinion, BeryL and Pyosik are quite talkative. BeryL talks more than I expected, and Pyosik is already known for that kind of personality, so it's really enjoyable.


(To Hirai) Rookie PerfecT had an impressive performance in game 2, contributing significantly to the victory. What are your evaluation and expectations for PerfecT?


Hirai: Perfect is just a rookie, and there are things he needs to follow and observe. It's crucial to focus on those aspects. Since he's a player who might stumble when trying too hard, I'm guiding him by concentrating on what he must follow. If he improves in those areas, he can perform even better.


If you were to rate his gameplay today?


Hirai: Considering it's the first game and there might have been a lot of tension, given the gameplay, I would give it a 7 out of 10.


Acquiring players with Worlds championship experience. What's the big picture for 2024?


Hirai: We didn't plan to bring all three at once; it just happened. Despite winning, there was still a thirst for achieving more and a burning desire to go further. That passion was great. The team came together with the idea of enduring a year with passion and unwavering determination.


Bdd: Everyone is certainly passionate. Our team captain, Deft, plays a crucial role in leading the team. I get motivated a lot while playing alongside him.


How is the adaptation to the new patch going?


Hirai: Various attempts are ongoing. Teams have slightly different tier perspectives, and there are differences in interpretation. We need more practice. Considering the next patch, it's still not clear what the definite answer is. The win rates are different from what was expected, and we need more time to evaluate.


Bdd: Adapting to the new patch wasn't a significant issue. Teams seem to prioritize objectives differently, so how we utilize them in each game is crucial. Since it varies in every situation, we discuss it well within our team and adapt effectively.


KT broke the red side’s 7-game winning streak. What do you think about the side balance?


Hirai: Generally, the blue side is considered advantageous, and I think that's why teams choose blue. The positive aspects didn't come out well in the game. It could be a mistake, and since it's the first game, there could be various issues, such as nervousness. I don't consider it absolute data. We were aware of the red side winning to some extent but didn't pay too much attention, encouraging the team to focus on our game plan.


Any final words?


Hirai: It's the first game today, and there might be some tension for the players. Especially, PerfecT and everyone did really well without being too rushed. I want to express my gratitude to those who always support us. Thanks to the hardworking staff as well. We will do our best.


Bdd: I'm really relieved to finish the first game well today. It was the first game, and I want to tell PerfecT, who did well without getting nervous, that he did a great job.

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