[Inven Awards] T1 LoL Team Wins Best Esports Team of 2023


The year 2023 has been an incredibly joyful one for gaming fans. It featured a variety of major releases, unexpected new titles, and Korean games gaining positive attention in the global market. Inven celebrated the rich year-end by conducting the 2023 Inven Game Awards. These awards, a global gaming ceremony, aimed to capture both popularity through user votes and expertise through critic selections.


User voting took place from November 1st to the 19th, and the results included direct user votes for 12 categories and expert opinions for 8 categories to determine the winning works. The highlight of the awards, the Game of the Year, was decided by combining user votes and expert opinions.

Best Esports Team Category Winner: T1 League of Legends Team


The esports representative team of South Korea achieved a remarkable feat by winning medals in all events at the Hangzhou Asian Games this year. With several active esports teams making significant contributions, South Korea has rightfully become a dominant force in esports. Among various esports teams, which team ignited the passion of fans the most this year? The users directly voted to select the Best Esports Team of 2023.


The winner of the 2023 Inven Game Awards Best Esports Team is the T1 League of Legends Team.


With a record-breaking performance at the World Championship, T1's League of Legends team has been a powerhouse and a representative of LCK for a long time, receiving immense love. This year, they secured their fourth world championship with overwhelming skills. Anticipation is high for what new records the team will set next year.


T1 general manager Jeong “Becker” Hoi-yoon, expressed his gratitude, saying, "I want to thank the players, coaching staff, and especially the fans who made 2023 a T1 year by spreading positive influences such as ‘good karma’ memes. I look forward to your continued support next year."

Best Esports Game Category Winner: League of Legends


Due to the consistent love from gamers, esports can confidently be recognized as a legitimate sport today. In recognition of the significant growth and popularity of esports, let's take a look at the game that contributed the most to this phenomenon, the best esports game of the year.


The winner of the '2023 Inven Game Awards Best Esports Game' is Riot Games' League of Legends.


League of Legends showcases esports competitions loved by gamers worldwide, including leagues like LCK or LPL and international tournaments such as MSI and the World Championship. As a result, it has been honored as the best esports game of the year by direct user votes.


Especially this year, T1 and Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok achieved a dramatic win at the World Championship finals, eliciting cheers from numerous fans. League of Legends, which continues to unite countless fans and teams, has now secured the title of the best esports game following its ongoing success in the gaming industry.

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