Wemade Starts MIR M Winter Welcoming Event “Nachal and the Illusory Winter Wonderland”!

The following was sent to Inven Global via press release.


l  Generous rewards are given out via five events including “Snowflakes 7 Days Check-in” and “Illusory Gift Chest”

l  Various items can be crafted by obtaining the “Event Snowflake” from the Dungeon “Nachal’s Winter Kingdom”

The winter welcoming event “Nachal and the Illusory Winter Wonderland” of Wemade’s MMORPG MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond (MIR M) began on December 12.


“Nachal and the Illusory Winter Wonderland” consists of five events including “Snowflakes 7 Days Check-in,” “Illusory Gift Chest,” “Nachal’s Winter Kingdom,” “Event Crafting,” and “Winter's Guardian”.


The event “Snowflakes 7 Days Check-in” continues until Monday, December 25. Depending on the day the player logs in, items such as “Event Illusory Mystic Realm Selection Chest” and “Event Superior Summoning Ticket Selection Chest” are given away daily. The event “Illusory Gift Chest” which gifts “Superior Avatar Summoning Ticket” and “Event Advanced Dragonsoul Stone Chest” when players log in also takes place during the same period.


The event “Nachal's Winter Kingdom” lasts until Tuesday, December 26. Players get to obtain “Event Snowflake” when they enter the Dungeon “Nachal's Winter Kingdom” and defeat monsters for an hour daily. “Event Snowflake” can be used to craft various items such as “Event Nachal’s Secret Chest” and “Event Enhancement Stone Chest of Determination” via “Event Crafting” until Monday, January 1.


Players can participate in the event “Winter's Guardian Appears” until Tuesday, December 26. Defeating “Event Winter's Guardian” monsters spawning in Ginkgo Valley Village and Prajna Cave 1F gives players diverse rewards including “Ashen Gemstone Piece” and “Dragonsoul Mystic Steel”.


More information on MIR M is available on the official website.

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