Social media platform for gamers, a talk with Vortex Gaming CBO Hiroyasu Mikoshi


Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) – the world is teeming with various social media platforms. However, it has been difficult to find any social media specifically targeted at gamers until now. Vortex Gaming, currently in beta service, boldly claims to be the 'social media for gamers'.


To delve into the benefits and conveniences that this gamer-centric social media provides, we had the opportunity to interview, the Chief Business Officer (CBO) of Vortex Gaming, at G-Star 2023.



Hello, could you please introduce yourself?


Hello, I am Hiroyasu Mikoshi, the Chief Business Officer (CBO) at Vortex Gaming.


We're curious to know why you chose to participate in G-star, and we'd like to hear your thoughts on the experience.


At Vortex Gaming, we've been developing services with the slogan 'social media created by gamers for gamers'. This marks our first offline introduction to the gaming community in Korea, and what better place to do it than G-Star 2023, the largest gaming event in the country? The overwhelming interest and enthusiastic participation from gamers exceeded our expectations, leaving us deeply impressed.


▲ There was a Vortex Gaming stamp tour event at the Inven booth.


For users unfamiliar with Vortex Gaming, could you explain the services it provides?


As mentioned earlier, Vortex Gaming operates under the slogan 'social media created by gamers for gamers'. It allows users to create and manage their gaming spaces (channels), where communicate and enjoy games together with fellow gamers through comments and chat. Through these community and social activities, gamers can be recognized and earn rewards.


How does Vortex Gaming differ from other Web3 guild-fi or DAO platforms?


While there are various services with different forms, what sets us apart is our focus on a 'content-centric service'. We believe that communities centered around monetary rewards alone ultimately fail to engage gamers and are not sustainable. This has created a negative perception of the 'Web3 game' category, creating a barrier between traditional games and 'Web3 games'. 


Vortex Gaming envisions a sustainable gaming community that revolves around content, not only for Web3 games but for all games within the larger gaming category.


Being a subsidiary of Inven, how is Vortex Gaming collaborating with Inven?


Over the years, Inven has created a space for gamers to play and generated a variety of high-quality content. Leveraging Inven's expertise in creating quality content and its ability to communicate with gamers, we aim to transform Vortex Gaming into a space where gamers can voice their opinions to the market.


Users are interested in the benefits of being active on Vortex Gaming. Could you elaborate on the perks users can gain?


Vortex Gaming offers a variety of missions that earn users VOR points when completed. Ultimately, these points have a monetary value. Users can acquire points not only through missions but also by engaging in community activities and receiving donations from other gamers as content creators. 


In addition to points, Vortex Gaming provides user-friendly functions such as avatars and accessory items, which can be collected and combined to create a unique avatar.


▲ You can gain VOR through missions and achievements,
▲ and exchange it into other currencies.


While Vortex Gaming provides benefits to users, there must be a revenue structure for the service to be sustainable. How does Vortex Gaming generate revenue?


Vortex Gaming has an official channel operated by game developers. This channel is divided into free and paid versions. The paid version offers special features, such as the ability to decorate the official channel with more information and post events. Revenue for Vortex Gaming is generated through these paid channels and advertisements, similar to other social media platforms.


▲ Revenue will be generated through ads and paid channels.


Lastly, do you have any messages for the gamers who are interested?


In line with Vortex Gaming's slogan, 'social media by gamers for gamers', we aim to build a robust community ecosystem together with gamers. Gamers are the protagonists who support and grow the gaming market. We envision a future where all gamers come together on Vortex Gaming, raising their voices and actively participating in shaping the gaming landscape.


Our goal is not to profit from gamers but to establish an ecosystem where gamers enjoy games, get recognized, and earn rewards. In this ecosystem, a portion of the business revenue will be reinvested back into the community.


Although Vortex Gaming is just beginning, we hope to create a genuine service for gamers together with our users.

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